Coagulation Testing

CoaguChek® Point-of-Care systems provide accurate PT/INR values from a single drop of blood within one minute, enabling immediate results and adjustment of medication with minimal discomfort to the patient.  

Roche Diagnostics Canada offers two models of INR test meters using the same test strips, with dedicated features to fulfill patient and professional needs:

CoaguChek® XS system for patients:

Small size and light meter, top or side blood dosing, on-board quality control on each strip and easy-to-use interface to ensure better safety and comfort.

CoaguChek® XS Pro system for healthcare professionals working in a high-throughput environment:

Same technology as the CoaguChek® XS system for patients, with the addition of healthcare system features such as quality control lock-out, barcode scanner for operator and patient identification, connectivity to healthcare information systems and other functionality for augmenting workflow efficiency and data integrity.

The CoaguChek® XS system shows highly comparable results with the gold standard reference method of the World Health Organization (WHO) and an excellent correlation to laboratory analyzers. The use of point-of-care testing (POCT) coagulation monitoring devices is recommended by Canadian healthcare technology assessment agencies for professional use and for patient INR self-monitoring, when appropriate.1-6

  • Fast one-minute result

  • Uses small, finger-prick capillary blood sample (8 μl, 1 drop)

  • Built-in quality control automatically checks internal system functions and every test strip

  • Laboratory-equivalent accuracy and precision with a low ISI (1.0)

  • Wide measuring range (INR 0.8 to 8.0)

  • No heparin (both unfractionated and low molecular weight) interference at therapeutic levels

  • Strip and meter storage at room temperature

  • Long shelf life (up to 21 months from production) at room temperature

The CoaguChek® XS system is the leading professional and patient PT/INR point-of-care testing meter in Canada.

For more information on CoaguChek for professional use or for INR patient self-monitoring, including training and educational tools, patient testimonials, and the CoaguChek Healthcare Expert program:

Please visit the CoaguChek Canada website at


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