Message from our CEOs

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about Roche Canada. As the leader in personalized healthcare and integrated Personalized Diabetes Management (iPDM), we provide breakthrough medicines,  in vitro diagnostics and devices using expertise in science, technology and data so that people can live better lives.


As part of a global company, we are proud of our humble beginnings in Canada. In 1931 we started our journey with six employees working out of a small facility in Montreal, Quebec. Today, we employ more than 1,500 people and are proudly voted by our employees as aWe believe diversity of background, thought and experience is key to uncovering new insights and unique approaches to addressing healthcare challenges.


Though much has changed in the last 91 years,  we stay true to our roots while at the same time relentlessly challenging the status quo across the entire healthcare system. We are adding our expertise in new areas, such asandwith many different sectors and industries. That’s because we believe that no one person, company or industry has solutions to the complex challenges we face in healthcare. Through collaboration, we will all bring ideas and solutions that ensure we’re doing what is best for people and to create sustainable systems. 


To us, success is defined by the lives we touch, and, ultimately, by the lives we help improve. In 2021 alone, one in five Canadians was tested using a Roche diagnostic product, our medicines were used to treat more than 290,000 Canadians and many more experienced relief from their daily therapy routines brought by our diabetes care solutions. We’re an innovator across major disease areas, including oncology, neurology, infectious diseases, diabetes and ophthalmology. 


Just as we believe in our innovations of today, we are partnering with patients, caregivers, health care providers and stakeholders to ensure that  our future innovations will lead to meaningful patient benefits and sustainable healthcare system change, where: 


  • what is best for patients, as defined by patients, is unequivocally rooted at the centre of all decisions and at the heart of healthcare system design;

  • the collection and transparent sharing of health data among researchers, healthcare providers and policy makers ensures they are equipped with real world evidence to make data and value-driven decisions;

  • innovation is not viewed as a cost or barrier but, rather, as the unimaginable made possible and the cornerstone to diagnosing, treating and preventing disease, and as a key driver to the health of our economy; and,

  • patients, communities and health systems reap the health and financial benefits ofcollecting and sharing data, and investing in the future of innovative, 



At Roche, our passionate and diverse people bring together science, technology, and the power of our networks to enable more resilient, sustainable healthcare for all. This is what drives each and every employee across our organization. This is what makes us Roche.

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