H&E and Special Stains

Primary staining makes up nearly 80% of the workload of an anatomic pathology lab, with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stain being the mainstay. Despite the technique being well-established, there has been a lack of standardization to the staining protocol and result interpretation. Combined with the rising demand of case volumes and the need to improve patient sample tracking, specialized automated solutions are born to address the challenges of anatomic pathology labs today. 

Roche is committed to providing solutions that deliver high quality stains and empower pathology professionals to apply their skills and training where it adds value. 

Designed to transform H&E workflow, quality and safety, the VENTANA HE 600 System raises the standard for automated H&E staining instruments. 

Key benefits:

  • High quality staining providing clear visualization of structures and patterns

  • One-touch, walk away automation for streamlined workflow

  • Improved time-to-result with 180-200 slides per hour and 40-45 mins depending on protocol

  • Individual slide staining virtually eliminates cross-contamination

  • Reduced exposure to hazardous chemicals for lab technicians

Special stains answer specific questions beyond H&E and immunohistochemistry, and can be used to provide in-depth insights to facilitate the diagnosis of medical diseases. The Benchmark Special Stains System fully automates the process of baking, deparaffinization, and special staining for the qualitative detection of targets as an aid in diagnosis by pathologists.

  • Enhance diagnostic confidence with consistent and high quality staining

  • Maximize lab capabilities and productivity with a streamlined workflow

  • Protect laboratory personnel with innovated safety features

Benchmark Special Stains Assays

  • Broad menu of 20 assays

  • Ready-to-use reagent kits

  • High-quality, reproducible staining

  • Flexible staining protocols

navify® Pathology Lab Hub (formerly known as VENTANA Connect) is software that links the Laboratory Information System (LIS) with the entire Roche portfolio of instruments and systems for the Pathology Laboratory. It establishes a single connection to the LIS to greatly simplify your IT system, further reducing maintenance and costs.

Making the right data available when and where you need it

  • Less manual handling and faster availability of data means higher productivity

  • Documentation of all actions in the lab improves visibility and traceability

  • Multiple sites and communication with several Laboratory Information Systems can be managed simultaneously

  • CareGiver Remote Support enables monitoring and troubleshooting remotely

  • A single connection to the LIS enables plug-and-play additions so future instruments can connect automatically

The navify® Pathology Lab Advantage solution (formerly known as VANTAGE) supports workflow automation within the anatomical pathology laboratory through workflow optimization, specimen management and laboratory management. 

Comprehensive specimen history and status

  • Traceability for the pathologist to re-examine all the steps that a specimen went through if something doesn’t look right

  • Extensive search functionality and reporting tools to help the lab quickly locate a patient’s slide

Real-time analytics, data and reporting

  • Web portal gives real-time visibility and reporting designed to meet the lab’s needs

  • Simply search and run of the ‘incomplete cases’ report – The pathologist no longer has to call down to the lab to find out when their case will be complete

Improved lab performance and confidence of results 

  • Streamlined workflow allows a lab to perform at a higher level, and enables the lab to grow

  • Business intelligence helps minimize errors in the laboratory and decreases TAT which improves the patient experience

Other Pathology Solutions

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