At Roche, we believe in fostering an environment where innovation can flourish and where the patient need is at the heart of our business. We are strong believers that collaboration is the key to this commitment.  Through partnerships, we can build a better future together with medicines and diagnostics that make a real difference to patients.

We strive to work with the top scientists in the world, in a broad set of therapeutic areas, with the best tools and technologies, all with a singular goal: to help patients by enhancing our scientific drug discovery and development efforts. Partnered products account for 45% of our research pipeline and 36% of our total pharmaceutical sales.

Roche has long recognized the importance of external innovation by establishing partnering groups within our R&D organizations. While we are one company pursuing a common goal of helping patients through scientific excellence, Roche and Genentech maintain independent R&D organizations served by separate business development groups. Roche Partnering, which was created more than 10 years ago, supports the Pharmaceutical Research & Early Development  (pRED) group, while Genentech Partnering supports the Genentech Research & Early Development (gRED) group.  Additionally, the Diagnostics Collaboration Division expands our innovation network in the area of in vitro diagnostics.  Each R&D centre not only conducts its own development research, but has also entrenched partnering as a cornerstone of their R&D strategy in order to pursue exceptional science and to pioneer medical breakthroughs.  

In addition to bringing new medicines and diagnostic tests to market in Canada, Roche recognizes that we have a role to play in broader health system partnerships.  We believe that collaboration between our organization and other research-driven institutions is critical to advancing science today and well into the future.

The Roche Data Science Coalition

Roche is committed to working with the global community to develop solutions to the challenges of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic. We believe that one important way in which the world can win this fight is through the sharing of knowledge and healthcare data to better inform patient care and health system decision making.  To help achieve this, we have assembled a group of like-minded public and private organizations with a common mission and vision to bring actionable COVID-19 intelligence to patients, frontline healthcare providers, institutions, supply chains, and government. We call ourselves the Roche Data Science Coalition, and together we have developed a centralized repository for publicly available data, as well as data gathered from a patient self-assessment tool, to be used to enhance COVID-19 research datasets focused on informing the management of the global pandemic.

Canadian Partnerships

As a company, we are known for exceptional science and pioneering medical breakthroughs. We bring that same innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to our partnerships. Canada is a world leader in scientific discovery and many innovative partnerships have come from Canadian institutions and companies.