Product Information

Below is a list of the medicines that Roche currently markets in Canada including product monographs and consumer information. Please note, Canadian regulations limit the scope of information we are permitted to give on prescribed products so please consult your doctor or healthcare professional for more detailed information.

As a research-driven pharmaceutical company, Roche is committed to patient safety. For any product-related comments or questions, or to report an adverse event, please visit the Contact Us section of this site.

* The information provided here is in the public domain and is current as of the date shown, however it does not contain all known information about this product. Please consult with the product monograph for full prescribing guidelines.

* Federal regulations place restrictions on the provision of prescription drug information directly to consumers. Please note we cannot provide healthcare recommendations or advice to patients. Your own healthcare professional is the best source of information regarding your health. If you require more detailed information, please contact your physician, pharmacist or other qualified healthcare professional.