Intensive research and continuous development have produced the superlative quality of our urinalysis strips, part of the Chemstrip® product line. Their unique design makes them very simple to use, while ensuring precise, easily readable results.

The Chemstrip® portfolio is renowned for its accuracy, sensitivity and ease of use. Advanced formulation features include: 

  • Unique resistance to vitamin C (ascorbic acid) interference
  • Long "in-use" expiry date (storage up to two years even after the vial has been opened)
  • Simultaneous reading of test pad results after only 60 seconds
  • Hygienic handling due to vertically read colour scale
  • Stable test pad colours – no colour bleed 

Urine test strips for unequalled performance


Urisys 1100®

A giant leap forward in intelligent urine testing:

  • Compact and extremely easy-to-use analyzer for one-at-a-time test strip evaluation
  • Immediate automated documentation of results as a printout or online
  • Ideal choice for smaller-scale laboratories and doctors' offices
  • Measurement of Chemstrip® high-quality system strips

Roche Diagnostics' Urisys® 1100 analyzer offers a user-friendly, convenient and time-saving way to perform fast, standardized urine test strip evaluations in your office. Results are printed at the integrated thermal printer, stored in the internal memory or easily transmitted to your computer systems. The optional bar code reader allows fast and easy patient identification — and all this in an unequalled design!