cobas b 101

Introducing the cobas b 101 solution, Roche’s premier point-of-care solution for HbA1c and lipid panel testing (triglycerides, HDL, LDL, non-HDL and TC/HDL). 

In Canada, the cobas b 101 is approved for use in the diagnosis and monitoring of both diabetes and dyslipidemia in a single instrument. It can be used to provide fast and accurate test results as part of an early diagnosis screening program to help identify individuals at risk for developing diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease. 

The cobas b 101 is part of the Roche family of point-of-care products, featuring lab-quality results, ease-of-use, IT connectivity to information systems, two-level quality control solutions, and other healthcare professional functionalities that enable you to meet Canadian laboratory accreditation standards.


  • Convenient point-of-care diagnostic testing HbA1c and lipid profile on one device with a small footprint. 
  • Precise and reliable results comparable to lab. Compliant with Canadian laboratory accreditation requirements and National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program guidelines.
  • Fast turnaround time for results (6 min/disc) facilitates clinical and administrative workflows.
  • Choice of two reagent discs can be stored at room temperature.
  • Small sample size of capillary blood, venous whole blood, or plasma* ~1–2 drops.
    • 2 μl for HbA1c
    • 19 μl for lipid panel (*plasma for lipid panel only)
  • Bi directional connectivity with cobas IT 1000 data manager or other systems via standard protocol POCT-1A.
  • Ideal for pharmacies, physician offices, out patient clinics and satellite labs.