Transformation is Needed Now (Part 1)

Embracing a value-based healthcare system

Transforming healthcare may feel too hard, too complex or too costly, but the real cost of doing nothing is the impact on the lives of people affected by so many chronic, acute, communicable and non-communicable diseases. We have seen that when people are willing to partner, collaborate, incentivize and invest we can achieve remarkable outcomes.

At Roche, we believe Canada should be a leader in the race for access to innovative treatments, technologies, and interventions. Embracing a value-based healthcare system is crucial in achieving this goal. By making decisions based on interventions that not only improve outcomes but also avoid unnecessary costs and maintain quality of life, we can revolutionize healthcare delivery.  

Listen to insights from leaders in healthcare about transforming Canada’s healthcare systems, together. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The challenges we face in our health systems, societies and economies demand that we do things differently to transform health and economic outcomes for ourselves, our loved ones and society. 

  • Embracing a value-based healthcare system is crucial for Canada to lead in innovative treatments and technologies.

  • A value-based approach focuses on interventions that improve outcomes, avoid unnecessary costs, and maintain quality of life.

  • Collaboration between innovators, scientists, the public and private sector, as well as healthcare stakeholders is necessary to transform healthcare systems and bring about positive change.

We need to evolve our healthcare systems to a place where they are proactive systems, where they are systems that are responding to our needs in that moment.”  Eva Villalba, Executive Director, Quebec Cancer Coalition

“There's an urgency.  And we need to be moving not at the speed of bureaucracy, not at the speed of every silo. We have to be moving at the speed of cancer, which is relentless and rapid.” Dr. Gerald Batist, Director, Segal Cancer Centre, Jewish General Hospital

“If we could be the country that demonstrates how health data connects in a safe way, how artificial intelligence enhances clinical care for patients, for our healthcare providers, and propels research...we are going to show the world what could be done.” Brigitte Nolet, President & CEO, Roche Canada Pharma 

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