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Navify Portal: One-stop shopping for a world of eServices and more.

The Roche navify customer portal hosts many different eServices, such as

Roche Diagnostics Academy

eService provides direct access to a central, state-of-the-art learning platform that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual team members to achieve operational safety for laboratories, operators and patients.

• Help to manage training quality and accreditation requirements 

• Useful to maintain competency and avoid loss of knowledge due to staff turnover and help on-boarding new staff members 


Instant access to relevant reagent and instrument-related information. Includes all Roche Diagnostics products and all customer-facing information.

• Paperless and always up-to-date 

• Powerful search engine features (search by keyword, by-product catalog, by full text) 

• Additional documents (methodology inserts,  data sheets, operator manual, troubleshooting, value sheets, etc., email alerts for updates

User Assistance

Roche user assistance provides interactive documentation and guidance to assist the user in operating Roche instruments and middleware.  It includes the complete content of the user guide and safety guide, plus quick reference topics,  troubleshooting, and multi-media content.  

• Accessible from any device, this self-service tool gives operators fast and flexible access to a wide range of user documentation. 

• Easy access. Every navify user has access to user assistance (no assignment is required).

Online Support

eService offers end-to-end issue management in a digital logbook, faster support request handling with Roche and troubleshooting guides for self-fixing, all seamlessly integrated in one place. This web-based eService lets users submit and monitor service requests, without picking up the phone or sending an email.  

• Request support anytime, on any device to leverage flexible access to the Roche Care Center. No phone or email is needed! 

Track and Trace

Online access for customers who want to track the status of their orders through the Roche order and supply chain processes.  

• Visibility on the estimated time of arrival on open orders

 • Visibility of status on order from processed to delivered 

• Direct link to the carrier’s site for proof of delivery 

• Download packing slips and invoices 

• Flexibility of searching by material, purchase order,  Roche reference, packing slip, or invoice number. 

• The tool can be accessed 24/7 reducing emails and calls. 

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