As a global organization that is fuelled by research and a commitment to advancing science, Roche recognizes the value of bringing innovation to patients who may not have other treatment options available to them.  Our commitment to the future of medicine hinges on our ability to invest and reinvest in countries, markets and communities that offer fertile ground for this research.

The Roche Global Product Development site in Mississauga is one of five product development sites within the Roche global community. In August 2011, Roche invested more than $190 million into expanding the Mississauga site. In this time, the site has grown from approximately 60 employees to more than 400 employees with highly skilled and specialized roles, including a presence in our global biometrics, regulatory, and clinical operations functions. These colleagues contribute to all phases of clinical trial development, including overseeing clinical studies in Canada, as well as some studies in the United States.

In 2017, Roche invested over $52 million in clinical research in Canada, making it a key country globally. Today, there are approximately 160 Roche-sponsored clinical trials underway in Canada, offering people with a variety of medical conditions an opportunity to help move medical science forward by working with us to test new treatments and diagnostics. To learn more about clinical trials or to find a Roche-sponsored study, visit our ForPatients website.