National Medical Laboratory Week takes place this year in Canada from April 9 to 15, 2023.

At Roche Diagnostics Canada, we highlight this annual event which aims to celebrate and recognize the incredible work of laboratory professionals while raising awareness of the crucial role of the laboratory in patient care.
During Lab Week, new educational and inspirational materials for lab professionals will be added.

We are committed to promoting to the public the role of the laboratory and that of its healthcare professionals, which are so important to our healthcare system.

We’d like to thank all laboratory professionals who play such a critical role in healthcare and patient advocacy. We like to express our sincere appreciation for your commitment and dedication to diagnostic testing and the patients you serve.

NEW! Topics and Speakers

Interview with Khosrow R. Shotorbani, President, Executive Director of Project Santa Fe Foundation- Lab 2.0 to discuss the role of clinical laboratories in the future state of healthcare. Clinical Lab 2.0 is a movement that provokes the lab industry to view itself through a new value lens aligned with the forces driving the future of value-based health. Khosrow Shotorbani is a passionate person who can take his audience out of their comfort zone to rethink the industry model.

20 minutes webinar.

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For additional educational resources, you can visit the Roche Diagnostics USA 2023 Lab Week Hub.

ASPIRE Point of Care Webinars

Description: Point of Care Testing is quite a unique discipline comprising testing outside of the laboratory, near the patient.

ASPIRE offers a series of engaging and inspiring Point of Care webinars and articles from healthcare professionals from all over the world. These industry leaders will share their thoughts and experiences you can learn from, on topics such as: learnings on how to set up Point of Care in your facility, to quality management, the future of Point of Care Testing and the use of Point of Care in primary care..

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Validation And Implementation Of A Custom Panel Using Capture-based Target Enrichment For Hereditary Cancer Testing: A Ring Study Amongst Three Ontario Genetics Laboratories

Description: OH/CCO recently launched a program with the goal of standardizing comprehensive hereditary cancer testing across Ontario. This includes a standardized gene list for all Clinical Diagnostics Laboratories performing this testing across the province, which has required the update of many existing NGS panels to add new genes.

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Lab Leaders webinars

Description: Managing tough conversation, embracing the unexpected to drive change or setting up lab leaders for success are topics covered by the Lab Leaders webinars.

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SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern: What’s the Concern?

Description: With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, challenges continually emerge for healthcare facilities. We will discuss the changing epidemiology of Variants of Concern (VoC) and the challenges to the laboratory response to the detection of these variants.

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Updates in diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2: serology and antigen tests

Description: This webinar will touch on the latest developments in diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2. During this session, we discuss the use of antibody tests in the context of vaccination, explore new approaches in the utilisation of antigen tests and share use cases from other countries.

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HPV testing for the prevention of cervical cancer: A screening tool with many benefits and some challenges!

Description: This webinar will explain how HPV testing will change the screening experience for women, describe the performance parameters of HPV testing, apply new follow-up algorithms after a positive HPV test and how we communicate this to patients.

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Antigen assay webinar

Description: This presentation will give an overview of the use of the Antigen testing for the detection of SARS-COV-2 infections and examples of the use of antigen tests in Canada...

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Alzheimer webinar

Description: This presentation is on Alzheimer's Disease (AD) patient journey and Diagnostics. It addresses the changes associated with the disease and the cost burden on the medicare system...

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Digital Diagnostics Transformation: What’s Next?

Description: Health care leaders in diverse markets around the world recognize that the advanced use of data has tremendous potential to improve both health outcomes and the efficiency of health operations...

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CSCC Critical Care Lectureship: COVID-19 – approach to laboratory testing and biosafety sponsored by Roche

Description: Special edition of the CSCC Critical Care Lectureship focusing on key biomarkers in intensive care hospital patients for COVID-19. As a goal, discuss the usefulness of different tests (e.g IL-6. D-dimers, CRP, procalcitonin, liver enzymes) based on publications to date and what is being done in some centers...

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SARS CoV-2: Rising to the testing challenge in the United States

Description: Limited SARS-CoV-2 testing and resource availability continues to be a challenge for the lab medicine community. Join Dr. Steven Cagas and Dr. M. Laura Parnas as they provide an overview of the CoV family of viruses, the unique features of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, and the current outbreak epidemiology...

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COVID-19 Patient Journey

Description: This presentation will give you an overview of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) at the origin of the current pandemic and explore how the illness progresses and can deteriorate in patients with COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Patient Journey with Roche Canada for Canadian College of Health Leaders

Description: This presentation will summarize the characteristics of the new coronavirus at the origin of the current pandemic and explore how the illness progresses and can deteriorate in patients who contract COVID-19. It will also provide an overview of the various diagnostic tests and blood biomarkers that are useful in the context of COVID-19.

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Delivering Virtual Care: The Future of Oncology Disease Management

Description: In these difficult times, virtual care management is a way to safely and effectively coordinate patient treatment and ensure continuity of care. Virtual tools also can help institutions reduce costs and increase access to care.

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Cervical Health Today: Updated Priorities and New Tools for Informed Patient Care

Description: This webinar will consider the contemporary trends in Women’s health, with a special focus on cervical cancer screening. Cervical cancer remains a critical public health priority. New screening tools and algorithms are driving the reduction of cervical cancer, while simultaneously streamlining the patient and HCP experience...

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Contemporary Trends for Clinical and Laboratory Management of Sexual Health

Description: In this webinar, we will discuss the contemporary definition of ‘Sexual Health’, several drivers of the rapidly accelerating STI epidemic in the US, and how STIs impact the sexual and reproductive health of men and women. In this context, we will also discuss where the diagnostic...

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Reducing Maternal Mortality: The Health Crisis No One Hears About

Description: During this presentation we will discuss sepsis and preeclampsia, two causes of maternal mortality. The discussion will cover disease background information, epidemiology, the importance of early and accurate diagnosis, and current tools to better identify and predict these disorders.

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cobas® Pro Integrated Solutions: A Global Lab Perspective

Description: Learn about the all new cobas pro integrated solutions. Inspired by insights from our customers, these features aim to optimize the day-to-day experience of laboratory professionals, supporting them in focusing their time on the tasks that matter and spending less time on manual operations...

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Getting the Most Out of Our Tissue: Methods for Successful Immunohistochemical Staining

Description: Many factors affect the quality and consistency of staining. Pre-analytical factors can influence both H&E and advanced staining slides. Please join the Roche Tissue Diagnostics Medical and Scientific Affairs team for a presentation on Methods for Successful Immunohistochemical Staining.

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IHC Multiplexing: With DISCOVERY ULTRA Staining System

Description: Multiplexing is “the simultaneous detection of multiple markers (protein and/or nucleic acid) in a single section of tissue.” Interested in learning more? Please join Roche Tissue Diagnostics Medical and Scientific Affairs team for an introduction and overview of Multiplexing.

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Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG)

Description: Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) are among the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Since there are various patient sample collection types available such as Urine, Vaginal, Endocervical, we would like to provide you with short guides for collecting & transporting samples for testing to help you and your patient follow good clinical practices.

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Assessment of ovarian reserve with an automated AMH assay

Description: We would like to propose our Podcast on Assessment of ovarian reserve with an automated AMH assay with Dr. Marjorie Dixon from Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health. This is a great way to learn about infertility, delayed parenthood...

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Natriuretic Peptides and Therapy Monitoring in the era of ARNi

Description: We would like to propose our Podcast on Natriuretic Peptides and Therapy Monitoring in the era of ARNi with Dr. Gordon Moe from St. Michael’s Hospital. This is a great way to provide education to clinicians and Enhance the medical value of our NT-proBNP. The content of this podcast is non-branded and is intended for Cardiologist, Clinical Biochemist, Lab Technicians.

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CDx Insights webcasts on precision medicine

Description: Join CDx Insights webcasts on precision medicine!
The CDx Insights series is designed to facilitate the ongoing conversation about important issues in predictive diagnostics. If you develop and/or provide predictive tests, develop and/or prescribe targeted therapies, this series is tailored for you. To participate, click the link below.

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