The following are the Canadian Package Inserts specific for Canada.

Cardiac Markers on E170-e601-e602-e411 Cardiac Markers on e801- e402
07125933190 Elecsys GDF-15
07028172190 Elecsys GDF-15
08946779190 Elecsys GDF-15 V2 08946809190 Elecsys GDF-15 V2
04842464190 Elecsys proBNP II 07027664190 Elecsys ProBNP II
05390109190 Elecsys proBNP II STAT  
08836736190 Elecsys proBNP II V2
08836752190 Elecsys proBNP II V2
08836744190 Elecsys proBNP II STAT V2
09315349190 Elecsys Troponin T hs STAT V2.1
09315357190 Elecsys Troponin T hs V2.1
09315322190 Elecsys Troponin T hs V2.1
Tumor Markers on E170-e601-e602-e411 Tumor Markers on e801- e402
04481798190 Elecsys AFP 07026706190 Elecsys AFP
04491742190 Elecsys AFP
06445853190 Elecsys Calcitonin 07027044190 Elecsys Calcitonin
09005668190 Elecsys Calcitonin V2 09005676190 Elecsys Calcitonin V2
Elecsys CYFRA 21-1 Elecsys CYFRA 21-1
Infectious Diseases and Retrovirus on E170-e601-e602-e411 Infectious Diseases and Retrovirus on e801-e402
Anti-HCV II 100 tests Elecsys Anti-HCV II
Anti-HCV II 200 tests  
Elecsys Chagas Elecsys Chagas
04784596190 Elecsys CMV IgG 07027117190 Elecsys CMV IgG
09118543190 Elecsys CMV IgG V2 09118551190 Elecsys CMV IgG V2
05909708190 Elecsys CMV IgG Avidity  07027095190 Elecsys CMV IgG Avidity
09342397190 Elecsys CMV IgG Avidity
09342389190 Elecsys CMV IgG Avidity
CMV IgM Elecsys CMV IgM
07143737190 HBsAg II quant II 07027443190 Elecsys HBsAg II quant II
08814899190 Elecsys HBsAgII quant II V2
08814872190 Elecsys HBsAgII quant II V2
05390095190 Elecsys HIV combi PT 07229542190 Elecsys HIV Duo
08924163190 Elecsys HIV combi PT V2
08836973190 Elecsys HIV DUO V2
08924180190 Elecsys HIV combi PT V2
PreciControl HIV  
PreciControl HIV Gen II  
Syphilis 100 tests 07251378190 Elecsys Syphilis
Syphilis 200 tests  
04687787190 Elecsys HBsAg II 07251076190 Elecsys HBsAg II
08814856190 Elecsys HBsAg II V2 08814848190 Elecsys HBsAg II V2
08814864190 Elecsys HBsAg II V2
PreciControl HBsAg II  
05894816190 Elecsys Anti-HBS II  07026854190 Elecsys Anti-HBS II
06771823190 Elecsys Anti-HBS II  08498610190 Elecsys Anti-HBs II V2
08498598190 Elecsys Anti-HBs II V2
08498601190 Elecsys Anti-HBs II V2
HTLV I/II 100 tests Elecsys HTLV I/II
HTLV I/II 200 tests  
Anti-HBc IgM Elecsys Anti-HBc IgM
HBeAg Elecsys HBeAg
Elecsys Anti-HBe Elecsys Anti-HBe
Elecsys Anti-HBc II 100 tests Elecsys Anti-HBc II
Elecsys Anti-HBc II 200 tests  
09014918190 Elecsys Anti-HBc II 100 tests V2 09014926190 Elecsys Anti-HBc II 300 tests V2
09109463190 Elecsys Anti-HBc II 200 tests V2
09203095190 Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2
09203079190 Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2
09289267190 Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S
09289275190 Elecsys Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S
Elecsys Toxo IgG Elecsys Toxo IgG
04618793190 Elecsys Rubella IgG 07027770190 Elecsys Rubella IgG
Women's Health on E170-e601-e602-e411
Women's Health on e801-e402
04854098190 Elecsys PAPP-A 07027621190 Elecsys PAPP-A
08860173190 Elecsys PAPP-A V2
0886018190 Elecsys PAPP-A V2
Elecsys Free β hCG
Elecsys Free β hCG 
08860297190 Elecsys Free β hCG 0886031190 Elecsys Free β hCG
06656021190 Elecsys Estradiol III
Point of Care
cobas HbA1c
cobas Lipid Panel
cobas CRP
Roche Cardiac Troponin T
Cardiac proBNP+
cobas Strep A
cobas Strep A Quality Control Kit
CoaguChek aPTT
CoaguChek PT
Accu-Chek Inform II
Tissue Diagnostics
Umonium38 Instructions for use
Umonium38 Safety Data Sheet
Clinical Trial