Patient and Family/Caregiver Council for Ophthalmology


Roche is looking to build a patient and caregiver council to support our ophthalmology team. This council will help to:

  • Understand what it is like to live with or care for someone with an eye disease

  • Come up with ideas and projects to help people living with eye diseases

  • Give us your thoughts on different projects that the team is working on. This can include our Patient Support Program, materials to help with education as well as other projects that are meant to help people living with an eye disease.


Who are we looking to be on the council?

  • People living with eye disease due to diabetes (Diabetic Macular Edema or DME)

  • People that care for people living with DME such as family members and/or friends (caregivers)

  • People that get injections in their eyes to treat their DME (or people that used to get injections in their eyes) 


How often will the group meet? 

  • The group will meet at least 4 times over the next year (starting at the beginning of February and throughout the year). There may be more meetings added if needed.


How will we meet?

  • Meetings will be held using Zoom. If you need help using Zoom, we can support you or find other ways to get your thoughts (for example by phone).

  • There may be surveys and other activities that the group will be asked to do along with the Zoom meetings


How will we support you to take part?

  • We will pay you an honorarium of $50/hour for taking part in the council


Who do I contact if I want to take part?

If you are interested or would like to know more, please contact the Patient Experience Manager, Erika Szego.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 437-248-2696