At the beginning of this year our Canadian leadership team reflected on the past year, the pandemic, and importantly, our outlook and focus for the year ahead. Each of us selected a word to guide how we’re challenging ourselves to prioritize for maximum impact. While on a personal level I’m choosing the word Relax - as I eagerly anticipate my retirement - on a professional level I selected the word Respect.


While it is my word for 2022, it reflects the approach I’ve taken since my first day as a sales rep in the UK in 1971. I’ve always believed that you need to treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s the way I’ve approached all my relationships and business; Respect for people. Respect for cultural differences. Respect for diversity - in thought and ability. And respect for partnerships - knowing and recognizing your value and that of others. That's how we've built a network, collaborated with partners, and engaged with patient communities.


I’m confident that Roche can and will continue to work with our stakeholders and partners to help co-create a healthcare system where innovation thrives and patients have timely access to the medicines they need. By keeping the needs of patients first and foremost in our minds, we will embrace a forward-thinking approach to how we work and ensure that we are looking beyond our immediate challenges to those that lie ahead in the years to come.


I’m excited to see Roche Canada thrive under its new leader, Brigitte Nolet. I’ve known Brigitte for almost 20 years and she not only brings the aptitude, but the attitude and collaborative spirit to continue to carry Roche and the life sciences sector forward. And Brigitte will be in great company. We have an incredible team of passionate people across the sector  that bring together science, technology, and the right partners to enable more resilient, sustainable healthcare for all. And I’ll be watching proudly as I relax on the golf course.


Slàinte Mhath!