Roche Canada is committed to providing timely information to support our healthcare practitioner community as it relates to COVID-19.  

This public health emergency of international concern is a prioritized area of attention for all of us and we greatly appreciate your efforts as the front-line workers supporting patients in this challenging situation. We are closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and following the guidance provided by public health officials, and will continue to keep you updated.

This site is intended to provide Canadian Healthcare Professionals with the latest information regarding Roche Canada products and services during COVID-19. 

Within this site, HCPs will find the following information and resources: 

The site will be updated on a consistent basis with relevant news and additional content.

Information regarding the Roche Data Science Coalition’s efforts to support the HCP community through a patient self-assessment tool can be found below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following section provides answers to frequently asked questions. Questions not covered in the following section can be addressed by contacting us using the information at the bottom of this page.


Infusion Clinic Status

At Roche Canada, our aim is to ensure that every person who needs our medicines is able to access them through our Patient Support Programs. 

We are working proactively with all of our associated clinics to keep patients as safe as possible when receiving Roche therapy through our programs, and taking active measures to ensure the ongoing administration of our medications to all of our Canadian patients. For more information please see our Patient Assistance Program Health & Safety Update.

Given the rapidly evolving and escalating health authority guidance and in the interests of the health and safety of their patients and staff, private infusion clinics may make the decision to close.  Should this occur, our vendor network will assess all impacted patients and offer an appropriate alternative setting on a priority basis. If you have questions, please contact the program directly.

Roche understands that many patients and their families have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you currently have patients who are enrolled in a Roche Patient Assistance Program and have lost their job or health insurance coverage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to work with both public and private payers to find solutions that ensure they have continuity of therapy, and we will close the gap when needed.

For updated payor information related to COVID-19, please see our Public Payor and Private Payor trackers. Content will be updated on a weekly basis.

Useful Resources: COVID-19

The following resources provide current information on COVID-19.



Roche Data Science Coalition

At Roche Canada, we believe that the sharing of knowledge and organizing of healthcare data will better inform patient care and health system decision making and make a positive impact on COVID-19. To help achieve this, we have assembled a group of like-minded public and private organizations with a common mission and vision to bring actionable COVID-19 intelligence to patients, frontline healthcare providers, institutions, supply chains, and government focused on the following: 

Individual COVID-19 Self-Evaluation

The Federal Government has realized that currently available datasets are incomplete and we commend them on the launch of a COVID-19 app to help Canadians stay informed and determine what next steps they should take if they have any symptoms or risk-factors for COVID-19.  We have tested this app and note that it mostly collects screening information and directs people to either Telehealth services or a physician.  To enrich currently available data, Roche and front-line HCPs created a patient self-assessment tool. The tool is available to users via the Health Storylines app.  

Through this tool, individuals can report data into the Health Storylines app which includes functionality to allow them to track symptoms and then print their self assessment, or display it on the Health Storylines app, and share it with their healthcare professional providing an overview of their symptoms and health history. 

In addition, an anonymized COVID-19 dataset will be prepared and shared with the Roche Data Science Coalition data repository (see below), where it will be made freely available to the research community with the aim of better informing decision making on resource allocation during this pandemic.

Features of the Self-Assessment Tool via the Health Storylines app

  • The triage process in institutions may be improved simply by enabling Canadians to provide a pre-populated patient self-assessment tool to their HCP upon screening, saving time and ensuring more robust data

  • As individuals with comorbid conditions share their information, it could help HCPs understand these risks and plot the best course of action to help these patients

  • The data being collected can help us understand how the illness evolves and who is at greatest risk

  • The app simultaneously empowers users’ Circle of Support to provide care and support remotely, and enables tracking of interactions to facilitate contact tracing

  • Based on the existing functionality of Health Storylines apps developed and validated over the last decade, the app will also collect critical granular data on the unique challenges high-risk individuals with underlying medical conditions face in coping with COVID-19, such as maintaining continuity of care, accessing their treatments and supporting their mental health

  • After the patient has been seen by an HCP, they can continue to track their symptoms in the app daily, which will help health system stakeholders better understand how the disease progresses in different patients and could potentially help predict where the next hot spot will be in our country

  • These features and others will significantly expand upon the data captured by the Government of Canada app

COVID-19 Database and Data Challenge

We have developed a centralized location, housed by ThinkData Works’ Namara platform, for curated publicly available population datasets which will be gathered from sources across the globe, including the anonymized individual data from the Health Storylines app. These datasets can also be accessed through a website called Kaggle where we are also hosting a data science competition to address critical COVID-19 related challenges called United Network for COVid-19 Data Exploration and Research (“UNCOVER”).

Insights into Health Capacity Challenges

The data will also help to identify resource constraints in treating the global COVID-19 patient population.  Understanding capacity issues will help our healthcare workers get the right healthcare to the right people at the right time.  Coalition collaborators will utilize our existing stakeholder channels to communicate important repository data insights to patients, hospitals, industry and government.

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