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  • Leader in in-vitro diagnostics and tissue-based cancer diagnostics 1

  • Dedicated nation-wide customer support teams, both in the field and on the phone, with a Net Promoter Score over 70, based on our customer’s feedback 2

  • Leader in supply chain amongst Canadian diagnostics manufacturers 3

  • Ranked as a Sustainability Leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 11 years in a row 4

Roche is a leader in in-vitro diagnostics, tissue-based cancer diagnostics and a market leader in its sector. In 2020, 23 billion tests were conducted worldwide with our diagnostics products. Roche is working on understanding how diseases differ down to the molecular level, so we can develop new tests and medicines that prevent, diagnose and treat these diseases. Diagnosis is critical and can be complex, requiring specialized laboratory technicians and facilities for testing that may not be accessible to many people. Proper diagnosis is the only way to ensure that the right treatment choice is made. We are working to remove barriers and improve every step of a patient’s journey. Our aim is for every person who needs our diagnostic tests to be able to access them, no matter where they live.

As a healthcare pioneer committed to transforming the lives of billions of people around the globe and in Canada, we push boundaries to redefine what is possible. We have a passion for innovation and a profound commitment to make a lasting impact on society by continuing to improve the standard of care for humankind. From our earliest days, improving the lives of patients has been at the heart of our business. Roche has a proud history of delivering life-changing and life-saving innovations and the Diagnostics division continues to build on that legacy.

We are proud to work in a culture of collaboration and together with stakeholders to develop solutions that healthcare demands. And we are driven by the fundamental responsibility to help as many people as possible access our solutions in the right place, at the right time. Our culture inspires us to create healthcare that is sustainable, efficient and financially viable .

We are simplifying the complexity that lab professionals and healthcare organisations face every day. Our advanced diagnostics and clinical decision support solutions help healthcare professionals make the right diagnosis at the right time. These solutions help reduce hospitalisation, enable targeted treatment strategies and improve chronic patient management in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Roche Diagnostics Canada offers a unique broad product portfolio and innovative solutions to hospitals, laboratories, physicians, researchers and patients, in the fields of clinical chemistry, immunology, point-of-care, molecular biology, pathology and life science. Headquartered in Laval, Quebec, our Canadian affiliate employs over 300 people.

As one of Canada’s largest healthcare companies, Roche has an integral role to play during the COVID-19 pandemic. The value of a strong infrastructure for diagnostics has increased substantially during this crisis. We developed extremely reliable diagnostic tests in record time and—thanks to close, trusting relationships with governments and authorities—have been able to deploy them where they can offer the greatest benefit. As a demonstration of our commitment to patients and global citizenship, Roche stands together with governments, healthcare providers and all those working to overcome the pandemic. 

Roche Canada actively seeks out opportunities to partner with the patient community, disease support groups and charitable organizations to raise funds, increase public awareness and encourage government support for improved patient care. 

We make significant investments in education initiatives in order to improve access to health services and patients’ day-to-day lives. In addition, we partner with healthcare institutions across Canada to provide funding and support initiatives focused on speeding diagnosis, fostering education and improving patient access to treatment. 

As a global company, Roche has a deep understanding of and commitment to sustainable policies and practices. As part of that commitment, we believe in creating value through eco-initiatives that deliver measurable results in protecting the environment and improving operational efficiency.

In Canada, Roche has excelled in pursuing initiatives that make a difference to the environment. We have made great strides in reducing energy consumption and waste streams, which promise to have a significant and positive long-term impact on our operations and the communities we serve.


  1. Data documented with Roche. Based on surveys done with Canadian customers.

  2. Based on The Advantage Group Report, 2013 and 2015


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