Digital Health Solutions

We are transforming healthcare with innovation and collaboration. Using an evidence-based approach, our insights-driven digital health solutions aim to support patient care.

As healthcare demands intensify, handling data with speed and accuracy are minimum requirements in an era of unprecedented demand. At the core of nearly every healthcare decision is diagnostic data.

Go beyond managing your day-to-day workload to drive better decision-making and outcomes. 

Find ways to streamline and automate workflows AND Improve care delivery through data and insights.

Need to do more with less? They are opportunities to deliver better and faster. You have your own vision for excellence – but you need the tools to make your vision a reality. You need to be empowered.

Roche’s provides personalized digital solutions:No matter if we’re talking about POC IT, Tissue Diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics, Core Lab, clinical or business decision support… All software solutions from Roche Diagnostics are built and developed according to four principles: reduce complexity, gain control, do more with less and elevate the value of your decisions.

At the same time, new diagnostic instruments and the trend to decentralize care are challenging labs to securely merge data from various sources and streamline complex workflows.

Our navify Diagnostic portfolio* provides a wide range of digital solutions to answer these challenges:

navify® Analyticsnavify® Monitoring

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