Delivers efficient control of point-of-care testing, users management from a central location with full integration to your Human Resources and Electronic Learning Management Systems.

Bringing it all together

Connectivity at its best

  • Productivity on the go with cobas infinity POC Mobile and cobas infinity POC Tablet. 
  • Connect over 90 Point of Care Instruments (including Roche and Non-Roche). 
  • Test the right patients at the right time with HIS Interface!
  • Send the Results instantly to your LIS!


The cobas IT 1000 application is Roche Diagnostics’ Point of Care (POC) management system. It is a web-based Point of Care Management System (DMS) providing connectivity for devices used for patient bedside testing such as:

  • ACCU-CHEK® Inform system family
  • cobas h 232 POC system
  • CoaguChek® XS Pro system 
  • Urisys 1100® system
  • HbA1c and Lipid Panel testing
  • Many Non-Roche Point of Care devices (open connectivity)

In order to meet the demands of the healthcare providers, regulatory bodies and accreditation guidelines, the cobas IT 1000 application is built on an infrastructure that provides the flexibility to address the needs of healthcare facilities and allows the management of test results, operators, quality controls, and instruments. From initial implementation of a POCT program to final result reporting, the cobas IT 1000 application provides the means to trace the delivery of POCT from beginning to end for better patient care.