Transformation is Needed Now - Part 3

A proactive, real-time, patient-centered approach

Did you know that bringing a new medicine to market in Canada can take an average of 732 days?

Patients in most peer countries get access to approved new medicines over one year sooner than Canadians[1]

Why do Canadian patients wait longer?

Our regulatory and reimbursement processes are highly sequential and involve many steps before patients receive access. We can and must do better for patients. Our healthcare systems are under intense pressure; this requires both the public and private sectors to collectively explore ways to shift healthcare systems towards a proactive, real-time, and patient-centered approach. 

Value-based healthcare as part of the solution

As we’ve shared through the first two videos, Roche Canada believes an important step in transforming our healthcare systems is to consider a value-based healthcare model that focuses on improving patient outcomes while optimizing the cost of healthcare delivery.

This shift will result in better patient outcomes, improved quality of life, and a more efficient use of resources. Eva Villalba, Executive Director of the Quebec Cancer Coalition highlights that ‘Value-based healthcare emphasizes value created for patients, rather than the volume of services provided. In value-based healthcare, the quality of care is measured based on patient outcomes and satisfaction, as well as the overall cost of delivering that care through an intervention or a treatment.’ 

What if regulators integrated value into the approvals process?

At Roche Canada, we’re focused on innovation and believe that together with governments, we can explore how we evaluate new medicines - not compromising on safety or quality - that integrate a holistic view of value beyond traditional clinical and economic outcomes to accelerate patient access. We need to be willing to carefully examine how we currently evaluate new medicines and whether there are opportunities to look at new evaluation frameworks.

Watch this video where leaders throughout Canada’s healthcare systems explore opportunities to transform healthcare for Canadians. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. A value-based healthcare model that focuses on improving patient outcomes while optimizing the cost of healthcare delivery is an important step in transforming our healthcare systems.

  2. There is a significant opportunity to leverage real-world data (RWD) and evidence to inform decision-making, approve drugs and understand their safety and effectiveness. 

  3. In rare diseases, especially, time is of the essence. Delayed access to medicines can have significant consequences for patients, including disease progression and disability.

“It's about understanding that real-time information is being collected and can be collected and shared in order for us to make real-time decisions and make our medicines available to Canadians at much greater speeds.” Brigitte Nolet, President & CEO, Roche Canada Pharma

“How can we actually make sure that we're paying for health, and not just healthcare services? How do we prioritize interventions that improve the lives of Canadians, and actually reduce the burden on our very limited resources in our Healthcare System?” Eva Villalba, Executive Director, Quebec Cancer Coalitions

“And if innovations do that [reduce the burden on our healthcare systems], they need to be recognized for that. And we need to make sure that we're giving it the proper weight inside of the evaluations.” Damon Goodwin, CEO, ResearchNB


  1. Innovative Medicines Canada. Accessed February 6, 2024. 

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