Dr. William Morice II, M.D.,Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, The Mayo Clinic and President of Mayo Clinic Laboratories

Dr. Nick de Pennington, Digital Innovation & Population Health Lead, Oxford University Hospitals, National Health Service Foundation Trust, & Ufonia CEO

Alex Clemente, Managing Director, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services



Health care leaders in diverse markets around the world recognize that the advanced use of data has tremendous potential to improve both health outcomes and the efficiency of health operations.

Yet many health care organizations report they still struggle to unlock the full power of data, in driving decision-making and improving results. For instance, in a recent global survey, while almost all respondents agreed that interoperability and seamless data sharing is essential, only 19 percent described their organizations are very successful at sharing and managing data—both clinical and operational—across their settings.

What is causing the gap between the importance health care organizations place on the successful management of data and their current level of maturity? What steps can health care leaders take to deploy a data-driven approach to increase speed and improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment while taking waste out of the system? Has the urgency of the pandemic become the catalyst for the long-anticipated “digital transformation of health care?

On June 23, join Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and two leading health care experts to explore how data-driven decision-making is transforming health care delivery. The discussion will include findings from a global survey of 742 health care leaders, and insight from organizations that are accelerating the adoption of digital data strategies

To benefit from being more data-driven, health care organizations need to adopt new analytic tools and break down silos—starting with silos of data and systems, but also bridging silos within organizational functions and across organizational boundaries. This discussion is designed to help organizations pick up the pace of digital transformation and realize the care, delivery and cost-efficiency benefits of data-driven decision making.

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