cobas IT middleware is a software suite for fully automated workflow management. Enabling laboratory managers to easily link multiple laboratory systems and software with their IT infrastructure, cobas IT middleware takes over autonomous coordination of laboratory routine processes. More than a simple workflow engine, cobas IT middleware is Roche’s evolutionary step forward that enables a laboratory’s total automation. 

Working as the laboratory’s single process management platform, cobas IT middleware handles a laboratory’s sample workflow from pre-analytical to post-analytical phases, even at multiple sites. This allows full flexibility to map and to manage a lab organization from a single point of access, while ensuring proper running of sample routines locally and remotely.

Single common platform simplifies management and enhances productivity. 

cobas IT middleware allows you to proactively manage your laboratory instruments and the people that use them in real-time from a single, web-based platform.

You make the rules. You can set personal levels of accessibility so that lab team members can only do, or see, what you want them to.

Easy and intuitive. The award-winning graphical user interface (GUI), is easy and intuitive to use. Administrators can customize the task-orientated GUI, ensuring that frequently used data is readily at their fingertips.

Simple to learn for maximum productivity. It’s quick and easy to learn, so continuity of your laboratory service during installation is assured. 
With just one web-based application and less time spent training on multiple systems, more time can be spent on important tasks. Also, if it is necessary to relocate staff, there is no new software to learn. Your productivity is enhanced.

Multiple sites and equipment. Even complex laboratory networks are made easier to manage with the graphical task bar display. This can be configured to show specific lab, location, or instrument grouping.

Saving time and reducing duplication of effort. No matter the connected instrument or location, all activity regarding each sample is saved in one place.

Improving turnaround times through real-time overview. Through the cobas IT middleware central overview screen, pending tasks can be viewed and actively managed in real-time.

Faster results processing and validation. With a powerful, customizable rule engine at its heart, cobas IT middleware allows you to write new rules easily with the graphical interface.

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