CSCC Critical Care Lectureship: COVID-19 – approach to laboratory testing and biosafety sponsored by Roche

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Dr. Giuseppe Lippi 
Professor of Clinical Chemistry, University of Verona; Director, Service of Laboratory Medicine, University Hospital of Verona

Dr. Khosrow Adeli 
Head and Professor, Clinical Biochemistry, Hospital for Sick Children/University of Toronto


Dr. David Kinniburgh 
Director, Alberta Centre for Toxicology


Special edition of the CSCC Critical Care Lectureship focusing on key biomarkers in intensive care hospital patients for COVID-19. As a goal, discuss the usefulness of different tests (e.g IL-6. D-dimers, CRP, procalcitonin, liver enzymes) based on publications to date and what is being done in some centers in Canada. In other words, to support the role of laboratory medicine in the follow-up of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.