Every Roche Field Application Specialist (FAS) is an application systems expert who interacts with customers on the operational side of the system solution. Often involved in optimizing the Roche solution by assisting the customer in validating the performance of the system against manufacturer specifications, and also by revising workflow to optimize efficiency and system performance.

Our FAS team works seamlessly with other field support teams to deliver highly performing solutions to health professionals across Canada. This involves software programming of our instrumentation, initial set-up, calibration and validation of the system. When an instrument is delivered by a Roche FAS, it is fully operational for the customer’s production and correlation work. As Roche continuously improves its solutions by adding new tests to their menus, new kits or new software features, FASs are often involved in upgrading the Roche solution.

Once you have opted for a Roche system, you can count on the presence of an FAS not only during the installation phases to ensure the solution design is customized on-site to your needs, but also at Go-Live to assist you through a smooth transition and ramp-up. This support is Roche's commitment to customers. Understanding the need for additional support and training, we also have various offerings available to provide further assistance by assigning a knowledgeable subject matter expert to your team that can help maintain or upgrade your level of expertise in using the Roche platforms.