C-Reactive Protein Gen.3 (CRPL3) and C-reactive protein latex (CRPLX) - Ref Technical Bulletin CC-QN-CPS-2018-072

Cardiac C-Reactive Protein Latex High Sensitive (CRPHS) - Ref Technical Bulletin  CC-QN-CPS-2018-043

Tina-quant IgG Gen.2 (IGG-2) - Ref Technical Bulletin CC-QN-CPS-2018-076

Vitamin D total II - PreciControl  - Ref Technical Bulletin IM-SN-CPS-2018-126

Lipase (LIPC & LIP) - Reference Standardisation - Ref Technical Bulletin CC-QN-CPS-2018-059

ALP IFCC 37C -  Standardized According to Schumann - Supplemental Values (Ref. Bulletin CC-QN-CPS-2017-203):

TQ Anti-Streptolysin O - Supplemental Values (Ref. Bulletin CC-QN-CPS-2019-029):

Myoglobin Control Set – Ref : CC-QN-CPS-2018-154

TQ Ferritin – Ref: CC-QN-CPS-2018-164v4

C3c V2 – Ref: CC-QN-CPS-2019-027

TQ Albumin Gen2 – Ref: CC-SN-CPS-2019-078

MG2: Updated Target Ranges for Precinorm U plus and Precipath U plus - Ref Technical Bulletin CC-QN-CPS-2020-064

CHOL2 & HDLC4 – Ref CC-QN-CPS-2019-064

Cfas lot 314141-Lipase Correction – Ref CC-QN-CPS-2019-084

Ceruloplasmin: Elevated recovery on COBAS INTEGRA 400 plus leading to new standardization - Ref Technical Bulletin CC-QN-CPS-2020-003

TQ C-Reactive Protein IV (CRP4): NEW application for Tina-quant® C-Reactive Protein IV (CRP4) - Ref Technical Bulletin CC-SN-CPS-2019-146

TQ Transferrin 2: Restandardization of Tina-quant Transferrin 2 - Ref Technical Bulletin CC-SN-CPS-2020-027

Cystatin C: Updated Target Ranges for Cystatin C Control Set Gen.2 - Ref Technical Bulletin CC-QN-CPS-2020-022

Alkaline Phosphatase acc. to IFCC Gen. 2 (ALP2): Reassigned set points and target values-Ref Technical Bulletin CC-SN-CPS-2020-086

Lipase colorimetric (LIP): Reassigned target values for PCCCM1 lots - Ref Technical Bulletin CC-SN-CPS-2020-116