Designed for higher efficiency and superior quality, the Roche Urine Work Area solution offers portable point-of-care for semi-automated to fully-automated urinalysis systems. Like our Serum Work Area solution, the system optimizes resources while providing high quality results and valued clinical information to the physician and patient.


cobas u 411

The cobas u 411 analyzer is the proper work area solution to manage your daily urinalysis workload in an intuitive and efficient way. The progressive semi-automated cobas u 411 urine chemistry analyzer is designed for optimized work and data flow, supported by an optional barcode reader and sediment terminal that optimizes your resources and workload. 

cobas u 411 offers

Combining the cobas u 411 analyzer and its sediment terminal allows your laboratory to improve operational efficiency 

Allows for continuous test strip loading

Ease of use
Reduces manual work with sample identification via barcode reader or host download, electronic transfer of sediment work list and printable QC results

Unique Chemstrip used on the entire Roche Urinalysis Portfolio, which allows for standardization of results


cobas® 6500

Fully automated urine work area on a modular platform

Cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series provides a fully automated solution on a modular platform for laboratories processing 100–1000 urine samples per day. The cobas u 601 analyzer performs fully automated urine strip testing and cobas u 701 analyzer performs fully automated sediment microscopy with the benefit of real images.

Both stand-alone analyzers, the cobas u 601 and the cobas u 701 can be upgraded on-site onto one platform with automated sample transportation through the entire system, with continuous loading of urine samples.

The cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series significantly improves productivity and efficiency of urine testing by reducing manual intervention to a minimum and optimizing workflow.

cobas u 601

The cobas u 601 urine analyzer automates all manual steps and provides precise and secure test strip results.

Over 50 years of proven Chemstrip technology that allows for comparable results with same technology across all Roche urinalysis systems for efficient back-up and network solutions. 

The unique reagent strip construction provides resistance to ascorbic acid in order to provide high-quality results. The nylon mesh ensures uniform colour development through uniform penetration of the urine into the test area.

Ease of use with the convenient cassette concept. The cobas u pack is humidity-protected and has RFID technology to minimize operator intervention and enhance productivity.

cobas u 701

The cobas u 701 improves the gold standard in urine microscopy by standardization and automation of all manual steps, removing operator variability and significantly reducing operator intervention and increasing efficiency.

Fully automated microscopy with cobas u 701 analyzer:

  • Resuspends the sample
  • Pipettes sample into cuvettes
  • Centrifuges the cuvette
  • Captures 15 images of each centrifuged sample

The cobas u 701 will standardize all steps of the process; the unique cassette system eliminates the need for reagents. The digital imaging will provide a high-quality image that mirrors what is seen at the microscope.