Analyzer and reagent solutions serve small to very large volume laboratories with diagnostic products and services for clinical chemistry and immunoassay. We’ve designed our analytical systems to optimize your resources and minimize the number of sample tubes processed, while providing high-quality results and valued clinical information to the physician and patient.

Integrated Analytical Systems 

Get more done in less time within your laboratory’s existing floor plan by integrating clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing into a single platform to ramp up efficiency and by consolidating workstations to enhance your laboratory’s performance.

When combined into a coordinated system to meet your unique requirements, Roche Diagnostics Serum Work Area (SWA) integrated systems improve service delivery and quality while streamlining workflow, reducing stress on laboratory personnel and management and contributing to patient care excellence. 

cobas® 8000

The cobas® 8000 analyzer series merges the latest Serum Work Area technology with new process innovations to meet the increasing challenges of very high workload laboratories. 


Consists of up to 5 modules and is expandable on-site for more than 400 tailored configurations to meet individual laboratory needs:

  • cobas c 701 and cobas c 702 analyzer for high-throughput clinical chemistry
  • cobas c 502 mid-volume throughput clinical chemistry
  • cobas e 602 mid-volume throughput immunoassay
  • cobas e 801 high-throughput immunoassay


cobas® 8000 offers:

Increased productivity

Analyzer offers a new dimension of productivity for high workload laboratories with many features to ensure high-test throughput per hour and improved sample turnaround time (TAT).

Improved efficiency

Analyzer offers a new dimension of efficiency for high volume laboratories, contributing to overall cost savings.

Process innovation

Analyzer offers a new dimension of process innovation for high workload laboratories, driving process and healthcare innovation and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Intelligent assay consolidation

Analyzer offers a new dimension of consolidation for high volume laboratories, offering real tailor-made solutions, ensuring exceptional consolidation power.

Roche Hitachi cobas Frontal 4 Schatten

cobas® pro integrated solutions

Simplicity meets Excellence

Designed with you in mind, the cobas® pro integrated solutions addresses your lab’s biggest challenges: your time, your team, your space and your future. Redefine excellence in your lab with our latest innovation and experience an unprecedented level of simplicity with scalable and modular solution to achieve your mid to high volume clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing.


Your time is precious

We help you use it wisely

Between high-speed analytical units, intelligent assay routing, industry leading incubation time1 and NEW automated calibration with AutoCal, cobas® pro integrated solutions offers short turnaround times and minimal operator intervention.


Your team is stretched to its limits

We help them focus on the tasks that matter

From its automated maintenance that requires less than 8 minutes of daily intervention to the ready-to- use reagents that can be loaded directly from the fridge to the analyzer, cobas® pro integrated solutions reduce tedious manual work so your team can focus on what matters in complete confidence.


Your space is limited

We help you make the best of it

Beyond the instrument’s physical size, cobas® pro integrated solutions maximize space with the broadest clinical chemistry and immunochemistry test menu available on one consolidated platform and industry leading onboard stabilities.


Your future is unpredictable

We help you succeed through continuous innovation

cobas® pro integrated solutions has the potential to grow with your lab with tailored solutions and an expanding assay menu that focuses on high impact disease areas and what patients need most.

cobas® 6000

The cobas® 6000 analyzer series offers tailor-made solutions for medium to large workload laboratories. Integrating clinical chemistry (cobas c 501 module) and immunoassay testing (cobas e 601 module) into a single, small-footprint system, the cobas® 6000 offers efficiency, convenience and flexibility to meet your laboratory’s ever-growing demand. 

Consists of up to 3 modules and is expandable on-site and tailored to individual laboratory needs:


  • cobas c 501 mid-volume throughput clinical chemistry and ISE
  • cobas e 601 mid-volume throughput immunoassay


cobas® 6000 offers:

Improved efficiency

cobas® 6000 consolidates over 95% of your routine workload with a comprehensive menu of more than 220 assays.

Greater flexibility

cobas® 6000 is modular by design, allowing it to be tailored to your lab and enabling on-site upgrades.


cobas® 6000 uses patented electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology – with one of the broadest measuring ranges in the industry. High-quality reagents, clot detection, re-run, reflex testing and carry-over protection ensure accurate results the first time.


cobas® packs: a unique concept of ready-to-use reagents that can be loaded without interruption of routine operation.


cobas® 6000 is compatible with cobas 8100 and cobas connection module (CCM) for a logical extension to meet your lab’s processing needs.


cobas® Link, an internet link with an e-library, enables direct access to the latest updates of application information for reagents, calibrators and controls. 

Stand-alone analytical systems

Today’s laboratories are challenged with delivering high standards of services with fewer resources. They face constant pressure to lower operating costs while aspiring to grow their business in new areas. With its Serum Work Area (SWA) stand-alone analytical systems, Roche offers laboratories of every type flexible and customized solutions for their specific and often very demanding needs, without any compromise to quality and reliability.

cobas® 4000

The cobas 4000 analyzer series includes the cobas c 311 module for clinical chemistry and the cobas e 411 module for immunoassays. The combination of the two analyzers with Roche cobas IT middleware (cITm) provides true operational integration for small laboratories.

  • cobas c 311 offers:

Enhanced laboratory efficiency by consolidating clinical chemistry into one single analyzer 
Allowing efficient management of patient results through automatic repeat and reflex testing

Advanced design providing consistent and reliable results 

With intelligent clot detection
With state-of-the-art, contact-free, ultrasonic mixing to eliminate carry-over
With test-specific serum indices ensuring result integrity without manual validation 

Empowered by cobas brand commonality 
Intuitive user interface and convenient liquid ready-to-use reagents are common to all cobas canalyzers allowing minimal training and optimal productivity.

Connectivity with cobas® Link, an internet link with an e-library

Enabling the end users to have direct access to the latest updates of application information for reagents, calibrators and controls.

  • cobas e 411 offers:

Accurate results the first time 
Using patented electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology – with one of the broadest measuring ranges in the industry. High-quality reagents, clot detection, re-run, reflex testing and carry-over protection ensure accurate results the first time.

Quality of results 
Using disposable tips and cups virtually eliminates the potential for carry-over

Empowered by cobas brand commonality 
Intuitive user interface and convenient liquid ready-to-use reagents are common to all cobas eanalyzers allowing minimal training and optimal productivity.



The pressure for laboratories to work more efficiently has never been greater, increasing the need for innovative solutions. With the COBAS INTEGRA 400 plusinnovation means four on-board measurement technologies, robotic handling of reaction cuvettes and improved operator ergonomics. 

COBAS INTEGRA 400 plus offers:

Workflow consolidation

Allowing increased efficiency by offering more than 140 applications to be tested by four proven technologies – photometry, turbidimetry, fluorescence polarization and ion-selective potentiometry.

Reliability and efficiency

Offering a sophisticated software that simplifies daily operations and training.

Empowered by cobas brand commonality
Convenient, liquid, ready-to-use reagents are common to all cobas analyzers allowing minimal training and optimal productivity.

cobas c 111

The cobas c 111 clinical chemistry analyzer offers small workload laboratories tailor-made solutions for clinical chemistry and homogeneous immunoassay testing.

The cobas c 111 is designed:

  • Advanced technology used in larger Roche cobas analyzers – only downsized to meet the need of smaller-throughput labs
  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Operational efficiency allowing true walk away
  • Optimized connectivity option for sample and data management



cobas c 513

Setting a new precedent in HbA1c lab efficiency

Designed for a dedicated task, with a throughput of up to 400 HbA1c patient results per hour, the cobas c 513 analyzer manages the workload of labs with high to very high HbA1c workload.

Ensuring high quality results

The cobas c 513 analyzer runs the established Roche Tina-quant® HbA1cDx Gen.3 test, which is standardized according to IFCC and transferable to DCCT/NGSP in order to ensure high quality and standardized results. With no interference from most commonly known HbA1c variants, Roche’s Tina-quant® HbA1c assay delivers accurate results for risk identification and monitoring of long-term blood glucose control.  It can also be used as an aid in the diagnosis of diabetes and identifying patients who may be at risk for developing diabetes. The assay delivers results that clinicians and patients can trust.

Analyzers and Reagents – Assay Menu

Roche Diagnostics Reagents
With over 50 years of innovation in clinical chemistry, immunodiagnostics and automated diagnostic systems, Roche’s Professional Diagnostics equips diagnostic laboratories around the world with a wide portfolio of more than 220 assays to measure hundreds of different parameters in blood, serum, or urine, while minimizing costs.

Analyzers and reagents include immunology and clinical chemistry systems for commercial labs, hospital core labs, medical centers and laboratory networks. Click here: Reagent portfolio.

Clinical Chemistry

In Clinical Chemistry you will find information about the Roche/Hitachi cobas® Integra instrument as well as the cobas c 701 and c 702 analyzer (cobas®8000), cobas c 501 and 502 analyzer (cobas®6000), the cobas c 311 (cobas® 4000) analyzer and the cobas c 111. We are proud of our continuously growing pipeline of different disease management products:

  • Enzymes and Substrates
  • Specific Proteins
  • TDM and DAT
  • Specialty Assays



In immunology you will find information about the ECL Technology* base for the cobas e 602 and e 801 analyzer (cobas® 8000), cobas e 601 analyzer (cobas® 6000), the cobas e 411 analyzer (cobas®4000). We are proud of our continuously growing pipeline of different Disease Management products: 

  • Thyroid Function
  • Fertility/Hormones
  • Tumor Markers
  • Cardiac Markers
  • Anemia
  • Infectious Disease
  • Bone Markers
  • Inflammation Sepsis
  • Critical Care 
  • Pregnancy


About ECL Technology

Since 1996 Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology has been Roche’s immunochemistry detection technology of choice. It was first used in the clinical laboratory on the Elecsys® 2010 analyzer with six immunoassay applications. 

Today, ECL is the most successful chemiluminescence technology with more than 75 applications and 20,000 instrument placements worldwide. No other IVD company can offer an automated detection technology that matches ECL’s unique blend of controlled reaction, precision and sensitivity, low sample volume, wide measuring range and rapid measurement. 

*Dependent on system configuration.
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