Our Vision

We want to listen deeply to patients and caregivers, and embed their voice into the heart of our organization as mentors, partners and advisors in the areas of business priorities, policy and health care system shaping, regulatory processes, and access to medications.  


To do this, we recently formed a co-creation council composed of 5 internal Roche members and 6 external patients/caregivers. Meetings take place virtually roughly 6 times per year with some pre-work and other ad hoc work in between for a total commitment of roughly 30 hours for the year, and all external members are compensated for their insights and time.  We are now seeking a 7th patient/caregiver member from the Indigenous community.


Why an Indigenous voice

  1. We want our council to reflect all people living in Canada, and although this is not entirely possible, certainly reflect communities  and populations that are most underserved
  2. In including the Indigenous voice, we will broaden our understanding of and gain important insights into your approaches to healthcare, and this increased understanding will allow us to better tailor our solutions to meet the needs of your communities
  3. We want to ensure that your communities have equitable access to innovative medicines and interventions


Who are you? 

  • You have experienced the Canadian healthcare system as either a patient or a caregiver and within reason, can represent Indigenous communities at large (rather than a particular community)

  • You have a  strong understanding of the Canadian healthcare system and Indigenous knowledge

  • You are a strategic thinker with strong communication skills and the ability to question and challenge

  • You are innovative with forward vision and outside of the box thinking - open to possibilities 

  • You are an implementer with a passion for action and experimentation

  • You have the confidence to join a pre-existing council and to speak up and represent Indigenous voices (especially because you will likely be the only person representing those voices)



Why should you join? 

As a member of our co-creation council you will have the opportunity to represent the voices of the Indigenous community and feed into our corporate priorities as we transform our organization to deliver better outcomes for more patients faster.  You will have an equal seat at the table, bringing value in co-creating solutions that benefit patients and society.  Your voice will be heard as you help guide us in how we should be engaging with patient communities and the healthcare system as we strive to be a company that creates mutual value, to be a trusted partner and to integrate the patient voice in everything we do.


And you will be able to further your own passion, to have an impact and to enable change through the work we will do together.


Next Steps?

This opportunity is open to anyone who has the qualifications we are seeking and who identifies as Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit or Métis).  As the council is already in place and has met virtually 3 times (kicked off October 2021), we would like to recruit someone reasonably quickly so that they can settle in with the rest of the team soon.  


Anticipated process & timelines 

Process to Apply

How can I apply?

The posting will be available until May 6th, 2022, midnight Pacific Standard Time,  so please be sure to apply soon if you’re interested!  To be considered, simply click here and complete this form and tell us a bit more about yourself and why you’d like to be a part of our council.  Further details will be provided to you at each step as we review your interest and suitability to move forward in the process but at any time, if you have questions please reach out to [email protected]


Please note: A patient partner from the council will be involved throughout the process, from reviewing the applications through to helping us select the person most qualified to join the council.  


At Roche, we believe that every patient voice is valuable. If you are not selected for our co-creation council there are other ways to work with us and share your lived experience.  


What do other patients and caregivers have to say about working with Roche?

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