At Roche, we strive to identify and create opportunities that enable all people to bring their unique selves to work and achieve their best on behalf of patients. We believe that diversity of background, thought and experience is key to uncovering new insights and unique approaches to addressing healthcare challenges. This is crucial as we work to discover and develop medicines, diagnostics, and healthcare solutions to improve patient outcomes.

Diversity goes beyond our visual identities to include different educational backgrounds, professional knowledge, personality types, thinking styles and life experiences. These differences are key to fostering creativity and enhancing innovation. But diversity alone is not enough. We must embrace and appreciate each other’s diversity in order to translate it into novel ideas – this is why inclusion of people is also fundamental to how we operate. Employees and partners are actively encouraged to share their ideas, express their views and offer up insights that will advance our thinking. We know that innovation, better decision making and problem solving ability are often driven by people’s diverse and sometimes conflicting perspectives, backgrounds, approaches, ideas and experiences.

Creating a space where people can bring their whole self to work, feel safe to challenge and think differently is a shared responsibility requiring us all to work side by side as advocates and allies. Our focus on embedding diversity and inclusion in everything we do is demonstrated through ongoing efforts to support our people with resources and learning opportunities to help them on their inclusion journey. We offer practical tools to ensure inclusive meetings, both internally and with external partners, we encourage experience and knowledge sharing across the Roche global network and we continue to engage in open dialogue through a “speak up” culture that is embedded in the organization. We are also proud supporters of our Employee Resource Groups - O.P.E.N.+ (Open, Proud, and Equal Network) for LGBTQ2+ employees and allies, Women’s Network, and RoAR (Roche Against Racism) - that celebrate our diversity and ongoing commitment to inclusion and belonging.

Our company’s efforts to advance diversity and inclusion within our walls and in the broader society are centered on our people, patients and communities. The more we understand our patients and healthcare partners, the better positioned we are to provide solutions that meet their needs now and in the future. By leveraging diversity and inclusion we can unlock our potential to innovate and develop solutions to the most pressing health priorities and challenges. Only in creating a truly diverse and inclusive organization, will we be able to fully deliver on our purpose of “doing now what patients need next.”

Calvin Smith, member of the Employee Resource Group OPEN+ holds a rainbow flag outside the Roche building.

“The goal of OPEN+ is to help create a work environment in which everyone's unique diversity is not merely tolerated, but accepted, respected, and celebrated. We aim to help all employees pursue their personal and professional development freely without fear of discrimination in order to be able to bring their whole selves to work. The ability to truly be yourself among colleagues builds trust and allows a more open dialogue, and greater understanding and collaboration.” 

Calvin Smith, O.P.E.N.+ member.

Portrait of Lisa Sequeira, member of the Women's Network at Roche

“All facets of diversity are important, and we all work together to create an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference or religious background, can contribute and realize their potential. The Women’s Network provides opportunities to support women at Roche to grow, be recognized, and connect by providing professional development opportunities, recognizing role models of exemplary leadership and building a community that employees can leverage to increase engagement and build networks.”

Lisa Sequeira, Women’s Network member.

Portrait of Farida Kulmiye, member of the RoAR group at Roche.

“The RoAR group aims to create awareness around systemic racism and racial discrimination, encourage a change in perspective and a move towards equality for all. This can only be accomplished with an open environment that inspires us to be comfortable with who we are. We believe that our work to positively impact patients’ lives is more successful when we embrace an inclusive culture and safe environment.”

Farida Kulmiye, RoAR member.

Portrait of Ronnie Miller, President and CEO at Roche

“At Roche, we embrace our people’s visible and invisible differences, be it age, race, gender, sexual orientation, capabilities, or thinking styles. We are committed to fostering an environment where scientific discovery can thrive, and that starts with having a team of talented individuals feeling safe in the workplace, knowing they are valued for exactly who they are.”

Ronnie Miller, President & CEO Roche Pharma Canada.