Challenging would be the best adjective to describe 2020, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been tested not only as humans but also as a society. A year that has taught us to never take for granted what we have, to value each other and to be ready for the unexpected. A year in which collaboration has been the core value in the fight against the pandemic. In some way, we have all been affected by the terrible consequences of the coronavirus, and it is together that we will find normality again.

It is also collaboration which inspired Roche during this past year. We are a team-oriented company that understands the value of bringing everyone’s expertise on board in order to find the best solutions for Canadians. Our purpose statement Doing now what patients need next has a real meaning to us. This is why Roche Pharma, Roche Diagnostics and Roche Diabetes Care joined forces to bring the best practices and solutions for real-time situations.

One Roche for all Canadians

Thanks to the combined strengths of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics under one roof we were able to continue delivering treatments and diagnostics solutions for all Canadians in a timely manner. But we were not alone.

Public and private partners are essential players within our COVID-19 game plan. Their expertise, commitment and core values inspired us to develop tight collaborations that resulted in the distribution and implementation of solutions across the country, so that Canadians can receive the best care.

Since day one of the pandemic, we have worked with Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and provincial public and private health laboratories to align strategy for ensuring COVID-19 testing solutions were available, according to the needs of various jurisdictions. Roche Diagnostics has already distributed millions of SARS-CoV-2 tests, benefiting people across Canada, and we will continue to allocate our tests and COVID-19 solutions to customers, partners and patients to help control the infection and fight the pandemic.

Inspired by you

Success does not belong to one person, but to all. To all employees at Roche, who have stepped up to the challenge of combining personal and professional life while working from home; to all our experts on the ground who have been extraordinarily brave with their regular in-and-outs of health care institutions to make sure solutions were delivered on time; to the management team who have been coordinating worldwide strategies to adapt quickly to the situation and make optimal decisions for patients; and to all front line workers across Canada who have been at the center of this fight… We thank you all.

Ronnie Miller, President & CEO, Roche Pharma Canada
Andrew Plank, President & General Manager, Roche Diagnostics Canada
Jade Dagher, Head of Sub-Region - Canada Australia and New Zealand, Roche Diabetes Care

Learnings and Perspectives - Video
By Ronnie Miller and Andrew Plank



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For 2021, we expect not only to continue our collaboration with all our current partners but to reach out to all those who share our values and who are interested in to team up with Roche to achieve a single goal: bring the best care to Canadians, without exception!


Andrew Plank

Andrew Plank
President & General Manager
Roche Diagnostics Canada

Ronnie Miller

Ronnie Miller
President & CEO
Roche Pharma Canada