Working for Roche means more than just having a job. To us, it means maintaining our personal integrity, thinking boldly and being passionately committed to improving the field of medicine. Our three core values are central to how we behave as individuals, and collectively as an organization.


Integrity is a fundamental value for our organization. Integrity resides in each of our employees, encouraging honesty and a recognition of our strengths and weaknesses. It also guides our professional and commercial practices, through the exercise of respect, honesty, transparency and fairness. Equally, integrity governs our work with communities and society in general, as we fulfill our responsibility to be good corporate citizens.


Courage is the cornerstone of our success. We think boldly and take on new ideas and approaches that often require some element of risk. It takes courage to create new ways to communicate, and new ways to strengthen teamwork and collaboration. It takes courage for our employees to innovate and become leaders of change. This is why we empower them with the tools they need to change how we work. We take pride in our achievements, while learning from our mistakes. We have the power to remain competitive because we have the courage to reinvent ourselves.


Passion is what drives us to outperform and take on new challenges. We are motivated by the passion to succeed – guided by excellence, high standards, and a dedication to efficiency and uncompromising quality. We are passionate about the excellence of our medicines and diagnostics because we believe that our company exists for the sole purpose of fulfilling the needs of the people we impact.