Pharmaceuticals R&D


Globally Roche has more than 2,500 scientists working in Pharma Research centres around the world who are passionate about discovering medicines to meet the unmet medical needs of patients. We also have 4,000 scientists and physicians engaged in Pharma Development projects globally. This group designs and conducts pre-clinical and clinical trials to transform promising compounds into clinically differentiated medicines for patients.



Areas of global research we engage in include:

• Oncology
• Virology
• Inflammation
• Metabolism
• Central Nervous System

Our R&D sites include:

Location Focus Areas
Basel, Switzerland (R&D) Central Nervous System and Metabolics
Kulmbach Germany (R) RNA-based Therapeutics
Madison (WI), USA (R)  RNA Interference
Penzberg, Germany (R) Protein Therapeutics
Schlieren, Switzerland (R) Antibody Engineering
Shanghai, China (R&D) Research and Clinical Development
South San Francisco (R&D) Oncology, Immunology, Tissue Growth and Repair
  Disorders, Neuroscience, and Infectious Disease
Sydney, Australia (D) Clinical Development Operations
Welwyn, United Kingdom (D) Pharmaceutical Development

Clinical Research in Canada

For more than two decades, our Clinical Research Group has played a pivotal role in Roche's global development programs for new medicines. Roche Canada is a leader in the Roche world in clinical trial recruitment. We have also worked extensively with physicians, healthcare institutions and CRO (contract research organization) partners to advance healthcare opportunities for Canadians in areas such as oncology and rheumatoid arthritis.

On average, Roche Canada invests over $25 million in Canada towards the development of therapies through clinical trials.

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