Pharmaceuticals R&D


Globally Roche has more than 2,500 scientists working in Pharma Research centres around the world who are passionate about discovering medicines to meet the unmet medical needs of patients. We also have 4,000 scientists and physicians engaged in Pharma Development projects globally. This group designs and conducts pre-clinical and clinical trials to transform promising compounds into clinically differentiated medicines for patients.



Areas of global research we engage in include:

• Oncology
• Immunology
• Ophthalmology
• Infectious Diseases
• Neuroscience

Our Pharma and Diagnostics R&D sites include:

Madison (Roche Nimblegen)
New York
South San Francisco (Genetench)
Tokyo (Chugai)
Tuscon, Arizona (Ventana Medical Systems)

Clinical Research in Canada

Investing in clinical trials and offering Canadians the ability to participate in medical research in their own backyard is, by far, the best thing we can do for the health of Canadians today and tomorrow. Our Canadian Pharmaceutical Product Development site (one of five sites globally) oversees clinical studies in Canada, as well as some in the United States.

Over the last 40 years, as a society, we have seen incredible progress in the way illnesses, such as cancer are treated.  We owe these advances to medical research and, above all else, the millions of patients who have volunteered to participate in clinical trials.

In 2016, Roche ran 1,540 clinical trials globally, with more than 311,000 patients participating in research across 32,500+ sites all over the world. Of those trials, roughly 13.5% were conducted in Canada, totaling to a $14.7 million investment into the Canadian economy.

Aside from the economic impact, this medical research directly benefited Canadian patients who had the opportunity to access new medicines that had been shown to offer improvements over standard treatments, and had the chance to help others living with the same condition.

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