Genetics & Genomics

The disciplines of genetics and genomics — which study the laws of heredity and the structure of the genome — have become central pillars of Roche's research.


Both will help us find better medicines and services much faster than ever before, and will contribute considerably to a more efficient and more individualized healthcare delivery.

Genetics and genomics apply new technologies in order to gain valuable knowledge. Roche is committed to meeting the highest standards with respect to research and in particular, genetic research. We consistently exceed national and international regulatory standards. In addition, Roche has worked with internationally recognized experts to draw up a charter on genetics which lays down the ethical principles for the company's genetic research.

Roche has also appointed an independent external Science and Ethics Advisory Group made up of well-known experts in the fields of genetics, ethics, law, and sociology, plus members of the community. Group members have been mandated to provide guidance, advice and counsel on issues broadly related to genetics.

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