At Roche, we understand the value of partnerships and alliances. We recognize that innovation comes from many perspectives, and are committed to continue to lead the industry in partnering efforts.

Roche's innovative approach links our strong in-house capabilities to some of the leading biotechnology firms in the world. These links have led to a rich portfolio of products that significantly improve the quality of life and survival benefits for patients across Canada.

Internationally, Roche has forged an association with Chugai — one of the world's most recognized and independently operated biotechnology firms. 

Now part of the Roche Group, Genentech is considered the founder of the biotechnology industry and ranks among the world leaders in the development of multiple protein-based products for the treatment of serious or life threatening medical conditions.

In Canada, Roche has invested in some of this country's most innovative biotech companies, whose groundbreaking research promises to have a major impact on the future of drug development.

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