Research and Development (R&D)

Global R&D activities are focused on areas of high unmet medical need. Our highly skilled researchers discover and develop innovative medicines and assays addressing prevention, diagnosis and therapy. We have also partnered with leading Canadian and international biotechnology partners to bring innovative therapies and biomarkers to market. Through our continuous investment in R&D - and by using cutting-edge science and state-of-the-art technology - we will continue to meet the healthcare needs of today and the future.

Thanks to our research and development efforts, Roche has amassed one of the most diverse and comprehensive portfolios for the diagnostic and therapeutic areas we serve. To date, we have introduced more than 100 drugs and more than 2,900 diagnostic tests to the Canadian marketplace.

At Roche, diagnosis and therapy are meeting on common ground - the molecular level. Today molecular diagnostics and the discovery and validation of biomarkers is essential to realizing the promise of personalized healthcare.

In pharmaceutical R&D biomarkers have many uses, from identifying new therapeutic targets and screening out unpromising drug candidates to selecting appropriate patient populations for clinical trials. In the clinic, biomarker tests increasingly provide invaluable information for early diagnosis and about disease predisposition, prognosis and the likelihood of treatment response.

Every drug being developed at Roche has a biomarker program associated with it, and diagnostics expertise and advice are made available for each of these programs.

To learn more about Roche's leadership in personalized healthcare, including key examples, please visit our global Web site.