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Roche Life Science

Roche Life Science is a leading supplier of reagents and systems, supporting academic and biotechnological researchers with products for genomics. Roche Life Science supplies a broad array of instruments and highly specific reagents and test kits for use in the diverse research market.

The Life Science portfolio consists of reagents and kits for laboratory-developed testing, sequencing, PCR/RT-PCR, sample preparation, cell biology and discovery reagents.

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Roche Sequencing Solutions

As pioneers in sequencing with a rich heritage in diagnostics, Roche Sequencing Solutions is committed to a future that fosters innovation to provide solutions that enable scientific discovery and deliver clinical value – We are Changing Science and Changing Lives.

Roche Sequencing Solutions is focused on developing novel sequencing technologies and products to support innovation in clinical research applications. We are developing assays for sequencing, and refining sequencing techniques to advance sequencing technologies that will deliver truly differentiated medical value. Sequencing is transforming the understanding among researchers and clinicians of how genomics will impact health. Our vision is one that transforms healthcare, providing a comprehensive next-generation sequencing workflow for clinical sequencing applications.

We offer solutions from sample collection, sample extraction, sample QC, library preparation, target enrichment, to sequencing systems and assays.

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Roche CustomBiotech

Roche CustomBiotech offers customized products and solutions for the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotech industry ranging from raw materials to system solutions for bioprocessing.

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