Donor Screening

Roche is Canada’s leading supplier of instrumentation, kits and support for nucleic acid test (NAT) donor screening for HIV, hepatitis and West Nile virus (WNV).

The cobas s 201 system, in use across Canada, is the most comprehensive system available, giving labs the flexibility and confidence they need to ensure a safer blood supply.

The cobas s 201 system provides your lab with:

  • System modularity
    Gain flexibility for specific staffing, throughput and laboratory needs
  • One-room operation
    Operate all instruments in the same room for greater operational efficiency
  • Automation and ease of use
    Benefit from system-guided workflow to reduce errors and increase efficiency
  • Leading-edge technology
    Leverage the most comprehensive assays and multi-dye nucleic acid technology
  • Reliability and full traceability
    Achieve full process control with all data managed by server