Service Operations



As the logistical backbone for Professional Services, the Service Operations group also acts as the liaison between the Roche Care Center and Instrument Field Service. In short, the group serves as the dashboard for our operational excellence by: 

  • Coordinating the dispatch of our professional field force
  • Ensuring service completion by providing tools and parts
  • Managing any additional service information (such as technical Service Bulletins) to keep our customers’ laboratories fully operational, and at peak performance

Available 24/7, Service Operations supports the Professional Services group by delivering peace of mind to Roche Diagnostics customers.


With a view to optimizing the performance of our instruments and your laboratories, Service Operations coordinates the dispatch of emergency support, installation, planned maintenance, instrument updates and after-hours emergencies.

Quality Control

Service Operations performs service and QC on point-of-care testing equipment, and ensures proper preparation and calibration before installing at the customer site.


Spare Parts

Service Operations manages close to 5,000 spare part stock-keeping units, which are kept in local inventory depots in Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg. Each service representative also maintains a trunk stock in order to maximize “first-time fixes” and instrument up-time.