Roche Care Center



The Roche Care Center is the single point of contact for after-sales support for Roche Diagnostics instruments, software applications and IT solutions. The service is available 24/7, 365 days a year to eligible customers. Our Technical Support Specialists are responsible for customer instrument, software application and training, and for keeping you informed of any product, service and technical updates. The vast majority of technical issues customers experience are effectively resolved at the first point of contact with a Technical Support Specialist. In the event that a hardware issue cannot be resolved by phone, the specialist dispatches the case for on-site resolution to a Field Service Representative. Roche Care Center: 1-877-273-3433

Customer Training

The Roche Care Center provides Roche Diagnostics’ instrument and software standard operator training. Working closely with your laboratory staff, our training personnel provide the information and skills you need to successfully operate and maintain your instruments. In addition, the Roche Care Center offers more advanced and/or customized training on a fee-for-service basis.


Technical Support

With an average 19 years experience each in clinical laboratory or related fields, our Technical Support Specialists offer comprehensive, 24/7 telephone support to eligible customers across the full range of Roche Diagnostics products, instruments, software applications and IT solutions. In addition, the Roche Care Center edits and issues comprehensive product, service and technical updates to all our Canadian customers.