Instrument Field Services



Every Roche Field Service Representative (FSR) is a systems expert who maintains direct contact with the customer and who is tasked with responding quickly and professionally to any request for assistance. FSRs are responsible for the install site survey, feedback and recommendations, physical install, managing preventive maintenance schedules and, if needed, intervening in emergency situations.

Emergency Response

As a Roche customer, you have 24-hour access to technical support via the Roche Care Center. With a Service Contract, you also receive comprehensive on-site emergency support during business hours. You can choose to purchase additional 24-hour and 7-day-a-week coverage, as needed and where available. Or, you might elect to purchase service on a “time and material" basis, at our hourly rate, if that better fits your needs. 


Our Instrument (Field) Service team works seamlessly to coordinate and execute instrument installations across Canada. This involves site readiness assessment, logistics coordination, movement and delivery of multiple components and assemblies, and the physical installation. The planning and execution of larger, more complex installations can involve Project Implementation Support through our Integrated Healthcare Solutions Group, at your request and on a fee-for-service basis.


Preventive Maintenance

Our FSRs maintain Roche Diagnostics instrumentation by adhering to rigorous protocols and schedules determined by the manufacturer and customer needs, therefore allowing for extended instrument uptime and guaranteeing patient results delivery.