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Roche Diagnostics is the world leader in in vitro diagnostics. In Canada, Roche Diagnostics is the leader of its sector.

Roche Diagnostics offers a uniquely broad product portfolio and supplies a wide array of innovative testing products and services to researchers, physicians, patients, hospitals and laboratories in the fields of diabetes care and anticoagulation therapy, molecular biology, clinical chemistry, immunology and applied science.


Lab Professionals


Core Laboratory

Roche Diagnostics Core Laboratory offers a wide range of analytical systems and reagents designed to meet every laboratory’s needs. Our product line covers everything from benchtop stand-alone systems to very high throughput consolidated and integrated analytical platforms with an extraordinary test menu of more than 220 tests to meet your professional demands.

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We are committed to our mission: improving the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer.

Roche Tissue Diagnostics empowers pathologists with the most innovative automated technologies, from state-of-the-art H&E, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization staining platforms, to highly sensitive detection kits, to a robust menu of antibodies, probes and assays for clinical testing and research.


Researchers and Biotech/Pharma



Roche Life Science

Roche Life Science is a leading supplier of reagents and systems, supporting academic and biotechnological researchers with products for genomics. Roche Life Science supplies a broad array of instruments and highly specific reagents and test kits for use in the diverse research market.

The Life Science portfolio consists of reagents and kits for laboratory-developed testing, nucleic acid purification, PCR/RT-PCR, sample preparation, cell biology and discovery reagents.

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Healthcare Professionals, Patients and Education



Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional, you may want to provide products and services that meet your customers’ self-monitoring needs.

If so, we invite you to consider the wide variety of services and monitoring systems from Roche Diagnostics.

Each is designed for you and your customers:

Blood glucose monitoring:
accu-chek.ca (ACCU-CHEK® Customer Care: 1‑800‑363‑7949)

Coagulation monitoring:
CoaguChek XS (self-testing) 
CoaguChek XS Pro

CoaguChek® Customer Care: 1-877-426-2482




Point of Care

Roche Diagnostics Point of Care delivers a comprehensive range of rapid, cost-effective and user-friendly diagnostic systems designed to measure a variety of clinically relevant parameters. Often referred to as point-of-care systems, our innovative product line covers a wide range of clinical sectors, providing ER physicians, pharmacists, point-of-care coordinators, nurses, lab technologists and other healthcare professionals with quick and accurate medical information. Roche offers rapid solutions for today's needs and has a clear focus and commitment to meeting the needs of tomorrow.


Support Network

Recognized as best-in-class within the industry, Professional Services at Roche Diagnostics is an expert partner that provides a range of high-value services to customers in the lab. Its four groups of specialized professionals:



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Roche Sequencing Solutions

As pioneers in sequencing with a rich heritage in diagnostics, Roche Sequencing Solutions is committed to a future that fosters innovation to provide solutions that enable scientific discovery and deliver clinical value – We are Changing Science and Changing Lives.

Roche Sequencing Solutions is focused on developing novel sequencing technologies and products to support innovation in clinical research applications. We develop assays for sequencing, and refine sequencing techniques to advance sequencing technologies that will deliver truly differentiated medical value. Sequencing is transforming the understanding among researchers and clinicians of how genomics will impact health. Our vision is one that transforms healthcare, providing a comprehensive next-generation sequencing workflow for clinical sequencing applications.

We offer solutions from sample collection, sample extraction, sample QC, library preparation and target enrichment, to sequencing systems and assays.

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This section is specially designed for people who have diabetes or who are on oral anticoagulation therapy. Click on the links below for information on products and services that will not only help you monitor your condition, but also help in your day-to-day life.

Blood glucose monitoring:
accu-chek.ca (ACCU-CHEK® Customer Care: 1‑800‑363‑7949)

Coagulation monitoring:
CoaguChek XS (self-testing)

CoaguChek® Customer Care:








Molecular Diagnostics

Roche Molecular Diagnostics offers a broad portfolio of oncology, virology, microbiology and blood screening tests; Roche Molecular Diagnostics clients include researchers, physicians, patients, hospitals, laboratories and blood banks around the world.

The business was founded in the early 1990s following the acquisition of the revolutionary, Nobel-prize winning polymerase chain reaction technology (PCR). PCR quickly replicates a single specific fragment of DNA or RNA to quantities sufficient for accurate laboratory analysis.

Roche Molecular Diagnostics offers a uniquely broad menu of kits and assays for diagnosing and monitoring various diseases such as infectious diseases, sexually transmitted infections, hospital-acquired infections, oncology and other diseases

To learn more about Molecular Diagnostics Instruments, disease and assays, choose your topics below and/or visit key websites Roche Global Molecular Diagnostics and Roche Lab Development Tests:  





Roche Diagnostics Canada delivers custom solutions to meet a wide range of laboratory needs. In providing a common link between our connectivity solution and our universal sample carrier, we can tailor complementary packages from our extensive product portfolio to suit any type of laboratory or institution. Whether your operation is low or high volume, Roche Diagnostics Canada can help you find efficient, reliable, cost-effective automation solutions for research, diagnosis and integrated disease management.

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Roche CustomBiotech

Roche CustomBiotech offers customized products and solutions for the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotech industry ranging from raw materials to system solutions for bioprocessing.

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Experience CustomBiotech














Roche is pleased to share educational information on key diseases related to its product portfolios.  

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