In Canada, Roche has excelled in our environmental initiatives. We have made great strides in reducing energy consumption and waste streams, which promise to have a significant and positive long-term impact on our operations and the communities we serve. We pride ourselves in being industry leaders in our environmental efforts and strive to surpass energy, emission and waste reduction targets.

Some of our initiatives in this area include:

- Energy-efficiency building including light harvesting technology, low-flow water fixtures and environmentally neutral ammonia-based cooling systems to eliminate CFCs and HCFCs.

- Best in class recycling program including composting, recycling venues for batteries, used pens, electronics and traditional waste streams.

- Achieved an increase in waste diversion by 64% since 2004; with a commitment to pursue a Zero Waste to Landfill Program and divert at least 90% of site waste from landfill.

- Corporate commitment to support tele-presence and video conference technology which reduces the frequency of necessary flights, reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

- Working to achieve LEED EBOM Silver Certification, an accredited award to buildings that have been designed with optimal sustainability and environmental preservation in mind.

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We also believe that society can only benefit from our innovation if there is access to our products and services. Roche is committed to developing innovative products and services that address unmet medical needs and deliver real, sustainable value to society.

As part of our social commitment in Canada, we partner with leading R&D and healthcare facilities, as well as patient and community organizations, to improve healthcare delivery and ensure that Canadian patients have timely access to new and innovative medicines and tests no matter where they live. We pride ourselves on improving the health and quality of life of Canadians.