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Roche Diagnostics launches post-analytical workflow solution for high volume labs

Laval, Quebec, Canada, June 14, 2010

The cobas p 501/701 post-analytical unit for customized blood sample archiving helps lab professionals to save time, monitor quality and improve safety. The solution is designed for the automated storage of up to 27,000 tubes and is now commercially available in Canada.

The manual storage of sample tubes after they have left the diagnostic analyzer is a time-consuming daily activity in many laboratories. Time, which could be utilized on more value added activities. 

The device is being launched as a standalone solution and a fully integrated solution connected to Roche’s MODULARâ PRE-ANALYTICS.  This configuration will execute the entire process from sample preparation, sample analysis to storage and retrieval with minimal manual operator interaction.

For the lab professional saving time is not the only advantage: Since every sample has to be regarded as potentially infectious, the reduction of physical contact with the sample tube also decreases the safety risk. Finally, the cobas p 501/701 post-analytical unit offers complete quality control: The system is designed to continuously monitor the condition under which samples are stored, with the temperature in the cooled system remaining within the range of 4-8 °C. All relevant storage information is available locally at the instrument and can be accessed via the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

“The addition of our cobas post-analytical unit to our comprehensive automation offering will provide high-volume Canadian laboratories with  the means to incorporate a significantly safer and more efficient process with regards to the storing or retrieving of patient samples for reanalysis. ” stated Christopher Parker, President and General Manager, Roche Diagnostics Canada.

About the system

The principle “automation” is seamlessly implemented in every aspect of the cobas p 501/701 post-analytical unit. It includes automated storage of 400 tubes per hour, automated restopping and destopping of tubes as well as automated disposal of tubes after expiration. The cobas p 501 post-analytical unit has the capability to store 13,500 tubes, the cobas p 701 post-analytical unit 27,000 tubes. Connectivity via HL 7 protocol to the hospital network solution allows for IT integration.

Roche Diagnostic’s new cobas post-analytical unit is among the most innovative automation products and will be  displayed at the AACC event in Anaheim, California from  July 25 to 29.

About Roche

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