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“Rex by Your Side”

Montreal, October 05, 2009

“Rex by Your Side”

Increased Autonomy and Quality of Life for 200 CHUM Patients
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The “Rex by Your Side” program has enabled 200 patients from the Anticoagulation clinic of the Cardiology ambulatory center at the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) to check their coagulation levels on their own, in just a few minutes, using the portable CoaguChek XS system. Now they can enjoy increased autonomy and quality of life.

Anticoagulation therapy
Patients receive anticoagulation therapy to reduce blood clotting and prevent the formation of thromboses or embolisms. Such patients must have their blood tested every three or four weeks to ensure their prescriptions are modified if necessary. This test measures prothrombin time and is ordinarily performed at the anticoagulation therapy clinic.

Autonomy and personal responsibility
The “Rex by Your Side” program has enabled CHUM’s patients to take these tests in the comfort of their own homes, while the clinic continues to monitor their conditions. This program is of benefit to all patients, including those who have trouble getting to the clinic, require the presence of an informal caregiver or simply maintain active professional lives. “Patients who are involved in monitoring their prothrombin time have a better understanding of how this therapy works and the factors affecting it. They are more responsible in dealing with their disorder,” said Dr. George Honos, Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Program and Head, Division of Cardiology.

A promising project
The “Rex by Your Side” pilot project was set up in the summer of 2009 by CHUM, the Fondation du CHUM and Roche Diagnostics. The project’s 200 patients were given a portable CoaguChek XS monitor and the materials required for its use. All patients were selected by CHUM cardiologists based on specific medical criteria and received three hours of training on their medical conditions and on using their portable monitors. After this trial year and based on their cardiologist’s recommendations, patients whose experience proves successful will keep the unit.

About CHUM 
The Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) provides specialized and ultra-specialized services to a regional and supra-regional clientele. Within its more immediate coverage area, the CHUM also provides general and specialized hospital care and services. The CHUM uses an integrated network model to carry out its five-part mandate of care, teaching, research, the assessment of technologies and health care methodologies, and the promotion of health care. The CHUM has received accreditation from the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation, for the 2007-2010 period. The CHUM is a member of the vast network of excellence in health formed by the Université de Montréal and its affiliated hospitals.

About the Fondation du CHUM
The mission of the Fondation du CHUM is to provide the CHUM with an ongoing source of private funds to complement public funding, in order to help it improve patient care, acquire cutting-edge equipment and carry out research, teaching and health promotion activities. To make a donation to the Fondation du CHUM, visit our website at, or call 1 866 DON-CHUM (1 866 366-2486) or 514 890-8077, extension 35205. Giving… makes a world of difference!

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Nicole Beaulieu, M.A., ARP, Fellow SCRP
Director of Communications, CHUM

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