CoaguCheck XS Plus

CoaguChek® XS Plus system – PT/INR monitoring tailored to healthcare professionals’ needs

The latest generation in coagulation monitoring, the CoaguChek® XS Plus system is specifically designed to meet the requirements of healthcare professionals, thanks to its specific data management, quality control and connectivity features.


The CoaguChek® XS Plus system produces results equivalent to those obtained with reference laboratory methods. It also compares very closely to the patient’s device, the CoaguChek® XS system, as it uses the same technology and the same strip.

With the CoaguChek® XS Plus professional system, you measure the PT/INR value within one minute, using a drop of blood from the fingertip, and can immediately adjust your patient’s therapy within the comfort and safety of your practice.

With its innovative and practical features, the CoaguChek® XS Plus system helps you to provide on-the-spot high quality PT/INR results, affording you and your patients more quality time and increased peace of mind when monitoring Vitamin K antagonist therapy.

More safety

Safety features

  • On-board single-channel strip control (OS2C) to automatically check the strip’s integrity
  • On-board-integrated-system (OBIS) controls, continuous monitor/strip integrity checks
  • Optional quality control (QC) lockout: the instrument only works if QC is passed


Low ISI PT reagent

  • A human recombinant tissue factor based reagent (ISI=approx. 1.0)
  • Exceeding WHO recommendations (ISI < 1.7)


Integrated data management functions

  • Download, synchronize and upload all relevant data
  • Stores 1000 patients and 500 QC test results
  • Data storage for up to 60 code chips

Quality comparable to laboratory results

  • Results correlate well with laboratory results1
  • Optional one-level liquid quality control to comply with local regulations

Greater comfort

Convenient for you

  • Handheld and portable
  • Battery operated or external power supply
  • Full graphical display with touch screen
  • Simple setup and intuitive menu
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack allowing for more economical operation and flexibility when visiting patients

Comfortable for your patients

  • Immediate results
  • Immediate start or adjustment of therapy
  • Virtually pain free: only one drop of capillary whole blood (8µl) from the fingertip to get a precise1 INR result — no need for venous blood sampling
  • Top- and two-side dosing option

Optimized workflow

Improving your workflow

  • Reduced logistics: e.g., no need to send venous blood samples or patients to the laboratory
  • More quality time for you and your patients


IT connectivity

  • Connectivity to cobas IT 1000 solution (Roche’s Point-of-Care data management solution) or to your network via various ports
  • Compliance with your local data management requirements


Simple and fast handling

  • Only a few easy steps to get fast INR results (1 min)

More quality time for patients

  • A better relationship can result in more loyal patients
  • Fewer steps before decision on therapy adjustment

Improved clinical outcome

More frequent testing

  • Leads to an increased percentage of INR values within the therapeutic range2
  • Leads to a minimization of adverse effects2
  • Enabled by PoC testing
  • Enables therapy adjustments within a few minutes
  • Enables more effective treatment


As both CoaguChek® XS Plus and CoaguChek® XS systems provide equivalent results, your patient can easily switch to Patient Self-Testing/Patient Self-Management at home, provided you believe the patient can be trained. Self-management helps patients to improve their quality of life and gain greater independence, yet feel safe under your guidance.

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1 W. Plesch et al.: Study LB 157-2005; Evaluation of the CoaguChek® XS Plus System - Equivalency to the CoaguChek® XS System; (; released on: 1 April 2006) Note: precise with r=0.989 in method comparison to Innovin

2 D. Horstkotte et al.: Optimal frequency of patient monitoring and intensity of oral anticoagulation therapy on valvular heart disease; (Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis; 1998; 5:19-24)