CoaguCheck XS

Roche Diagnostics, the pioneer in Coagulation Monitoring systems, launched its latest generation of Coagulation Monitoring system in July 2006.

Through several innovative practical and various safety features, e.g. smaller size and weight, side and top blood dosing options, the CoaguChek XS system will help you to provide easier access to Coagulation Self-Testing. This Roche CoaguChek system provides patients with more independence and increases their quality of life. More than two million patients on VKA around the world are currently tested with a CoaguChek system: you can therefore feel confident that you are making the right decision when selecting today a CoaguChek XS system to test your INR at home.


Customer benefits

Each individual reacts differently to oral anticoagulant treatment. Stress, other medications e.g. some pain killers or antibiotics, diets rich in vitamin K (e.g sprout or cabbage) or alcohol, may interfere with oral anti-coagulant therapy (drugs called vitamin K antagonists). Some conditions like fever or diarrhea might also have an impact on INR results. It is therefore important to check the PT/INR regularly. The Roche CoaguChek XS system gives very fast (1 min) PT/INR results using capillary blood using only one drop from the fingertip.

Safe and accurate

  • On-Board-Integrated-System (OBIS) controls
    • No need for liquid controls; saves time and money
    • Automatic control of internal system functions
    • Monitor and strip checked constantly during measurement process to ensure accuracy
  • Calibration in line with World Health Organization (WHO) gold standard (ISI ~ 1, exceeding WHO recommendation of < 1.7)


  • One drop of capillary whole blood (only 8 µl) to get a quick (1 min) and precise INR result
  • Virtually pain-free testing using CoaguChek Softclix lancing device: there is no need for venous blood sampling
  • Choice between top-dosing and side-dosing options offers an easier application of blood
  • Possibility to test anywhere and anytime: it is easy to transport due to its low weight and size, and practicalities are improved as strips are stable at room temperature (no refrigeration is required)


Fast and convenient

  • Results in one minute, faster therapy adjustments
  • Easy to train
  • No refrigeration required for test strips
  • Handheld meter for easy portability
  • Meter turns on when you insert strip
  • Code chip programmed automatically
  • 100-value memory with time and date
  • Up to 21-month strip storage at room temperature

Give yourself peace of mind and improve your quality of life with the CoaguChek XS system from Roche Diagnostics!

For more information on the CoaguChek XS system, please visit the CoaguChek website: