The Roche Group, including Genentech and Chugai, has brought many highly effective drugs onto the market and is a world leader in innovative cancer drugs. Other areas of focus include viral infections, metabolism, central nervous system disorders and inflammatory diseases. more



As the world leader in in vitro diagnostics, Roche supplies a wide range of rapid, reliable instruments and tests for disease screening and diagnosis in laboratories, at the point of care, and for patient self-management. more

In Focus

In Focus is where we share our perspectives on things that matter to us. From philanthropy and sustainability to clinical trials and patient impact, you'll learn more about what we focus on at Roche Canada.

From Traditional to Personal

It’s been 65 years since Watson and Crick described DNA and 15 years since scientists first decoded the human genome. And while we know there is still a lot we don’t understand, we also celebrate how far we’ve come in genetic science and the possibilities personalized medicine holds for the future. more